Spelling it out: a new Guinness world record

"Largest human sentence" created by almost 7,000 students from GEMS schools

GEMS students from the UAE have broken the world record for the largest human sentence.

Almost 7,000 students from 35 schools across the country gathered together on 25th November 2015 at Dubai's GEMS Modern Academy sports field to form the words 'Happy National Day.'


Perfectly still

To claim the record, the students were required to stand perfectly still for five minutes wearing clothes and caps of the same colour while forming a grammatically correct sentence that could be viewed from above. Numbering 6,958 in total, the GEMS students eclipsed a previous record set earlier this year in Nice, France, by 6,282 employees of Tiens Group, a Chinese multinational.


Showing support

The event, which took place in the presence of officials from Guinness World Records, was planned in anticipation of the 44th UAE National Day.

Dino Varkey, Group Executive Director at GEMS Education, said it was “about more than breaking a world record.”

“It’s about showing our support,” he said. “More and more we’re realising that, while there are many different countries and traditions represented in the UAE, we're starting to coalesce around a common culture and a common set of values."

At GEMS, we believe it's more important than ever, in today's diverse societies, for our 21st century learners to contribute to their wider communities and, as global citizens, champion principles including tolerance, respect and understanding.

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Published: 8th December 2015