Sharing Best Practices

Teaching and Learning Strategies

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Please select the following link to access the strategies that our top teachers shared at the Teacher Excellence Through Collaboration Conference 2015.

Please note that this is a link to the GLG.

Teacher Excellence Through Collaboration Conference_Sharing Best Practice

Sharing Best Practice

School Code Name Category                             Topic
CIS Reema Mughis Assessment

Use of multiple strategies for enhancing students' assessment performance, including  feedback on assessment and the use of       social media.

WSA Jessica D'mello Assessment

Using an assessment strategy that works effectively as an AfL or Assessment of Learning.

CHS Frithi Antony Digital Learning

Use of latest digital techniques for the students to work collaboratively to develop their skill to the real world situation. 

GAA Helen Louise Bruce Digital Learning

The use of for full student engagement

NMS Dhushithra Susanna Porob Digital Learning

Turn Kindergarteners into future developers by introducing them to Coding  with or without devices. 

TWS Shyni Sudheer Digital Learning

Teaching Collaborative Problem Solving using technology through shared Lesson with One Note meeting to 21st century learning design strategies.

GIS Joanne Cleland Digital Learning

The impact and use of BYOD (bring your own device) and flipped facilitation to engage students in the learning process.

GMA Sydney Michael Atkins Learning

Harnessing Social Media and Web Tools to Impact Learning Positively 

MTS Ilne Gevers Learning

Using Magpie strategy to encourage children sharing ideas and work during collaborative activities.

OIS Beena Vinod Learning

Vertical Gardens - an experiential learning for kindergarteners and develops collaborative skills between different age group of  learners.

OOA Afreen Khan Learning

Facilitating a 6-8 year old using manipulative in solving 4 basic operations in numeracy and be equipped with 21st century skills.

OOB Jessy Paulose Learning

Spark curiosity and enthusiasm amongst the learners, thus creating a conducive and challenging classroom environment through the tool of quizzing.

OOD Norma Maria Gallyot Learning

Developing an inter-active lesson through Zaption. Getting the children to ask questions and explore through various hands on              activities.

OOF Beena Vincent Learning

Developing independent learning and thinking skills in senior classes through discussions and debates. 

OOL Surinder Singh Joginder Learning

Effective learning through hands on experience in Science 

OOS Dawne Fosberry Learning

Using group strategy and brain storming for creative writing. 

WIN Maha Amin Learning

A thinking classroom where students show meaningful real life connections and show  progress in the classroom and making the     learning visible.

WPS Lorraine Mackenzie Learning

Using KAGAN structures as a collaborative learning tool & exploring the use of student-generated and assessed steps to success. 

WSO Charlotte Lake Learning

Learner Excellence Through Collaboration: Pick from six effective talk strategies to encourage meaningful collaboration and student-led learning.

WSS Emelia Gomes Learning

Use of Kagan Strategy for younger children & differentiation.

GWA Cheryl Murree Professional Responsibilities

Explore how question prompts engage students in learning conversations at home. Apply G.R.A.S.P.S. to plan engaging summative tasks.

JPS Clare Connor  Professional Responsibilities

Positive student-teacher relationship underpins success, get this right and the rest falls into place.

DAA Tooshna Gandhi Teaching

Classroom Instruction That Works: Increase student learning and achievement; reflect on teaching in order to continually improve      instructional practice.

KGS Marwaaly Maher             Ahmedmahaia Teaching

Cross Curricular Links- Arabic with Science and real life application 

AKN Dallal Kahook Teaching

Simple engaging strategies to enhance ELA skills across the school

BPA Andre Evans Teaching

Establishing effective classroom management strategies to ensure that maximize learning occurs in daily instruction.

CIA Edel Donlon Teaching

Interactive activities where students take a lead in their learning. 

FPS Peter Hollywood Teaching

Using consistent and differentiated roles in order to enhance the impact of collaborative group work for all students.

GMS Sukaina Saif Khan Teaching

A centre to arouse curiosity, develop cognitive and cooperative learning skills while addressing multi sensory learning.

LGI Fahima Aweys Teaching

Exploring science in the early years through enquiry based learning.

TMS Kunchay Visweswar Rao Teaching

Cross Curricular Links- Arabic with Science and real life application. Real life application and Art.

WAA Ashley Lutter Teaching

Using See, Think, Wonder in a variety of ways in order to assess, self reflect and peer edit.

WEK Carl Smith Teaching

Takeaway menus support and challenge students to reach their potential as well as leading to high levels of engagement.

WIS Wendy Dey Teaching

Do you  want to develop your teamwork and collaborative skills whilst building an amazing 3D Icosehedron structure that can be  converted into a child centred creative learning environment to suit any topic or age group? 

WSD Brian Azarraga Teaching

Using collaborative learning in discussing modern fiction novel The Hunger Games with  co-curricular links to other subjects.

WSR Amira Al Sharkawy Teaching

Use role play learning strategy to allow students gain new experiences, increase wealth  linguistic & develop processes of thinking in students learning.

JCD Amelia Barker Teaching 

Demonstrating student progress for outstanding teaching and learning.

OOW K.V. Ramarao Teaching 

Learning science by generating curiosity in learners at high school   level.

RDS Fiona Curtis Teaching 

Making Maths Real. How to apply Maths to Real Life Situations in the children's lives and future lives.