Parent Engagement & Partnership Programme - engaging parents to improve student outcomes

Parent Engagement & Partnership Program

At GEMS Education Solutions, we believe that parents are the key to releasing the potential of their children. Growing research shows that established, parent engagement in schools is correlated with scholastic achievement, social development and the development of transferable life skills. For the US market, GEMS Education Solutions has developed the Parent Engagement and Partnership Programme (PEPP), a tailored framework designed to increase the ambition, access and achievement of high-need students – including those with special needs and who are English language learners. The programme is designed to improve the quality of home school partnerships, and empower often ‘hard to reach’ parents to take a more active role in their child’s education.

Parents cite feeling ‘welcome’ as one of the main reasons they choose, or do not choose, to get involved in their children’s school. The Parent Engagement and Partnership Programme (PEPP) builds upon a coherent and strategic vision of commitment, collaboration and communication, to increase expectations of parents, staff and students, through collaborative relationships.

Developed by GEMS Education Solutions, in partnership with the UK non-profit organisation,  Achievement for All 3As, the pilot is currently underway in the US.

The Programme

Leading Parent Engagement for Ambition – aiming high

  • PEPP builds on a coherent and strategic vision of commitment, collaboration and communication to increase expectations of parents, staff and students through collaborative relationships.

Leading Parent Engagement for Access– removing the barriers

  • PEPP makes a difference in the lives of children and their families by improving access to the school and educational opportunities. We work with school leaders to assess systems, processes, partnerships and professional behaviors to advance practices which increase family engagement.

Leading Parent Engagement for Achievement - yes, we can

  • PEPP improves student academic achievement by engaging “hard to reach” parents in their child’s learning. We build on existing strategies to embed the principles and practice of parent engagement within whole school improvement efforts.

The PEPP: Parent Engagement and Partnership Program includes:

  • Up to 12 coaching visits each year from a PEPP Coach who is an experienced professional;
  • Module 1: ‘Welcoming Families’ – a customised review of parent involvement and engagement practice;
  • Module 2: ‘Collaborative Conversations’ – enhancing teachers’ skills in working with parents – by listening, reflecting, and targeting interventions for students;
  • Support for the PEPP School Champion who leads the initiative in each school;
  • Targeted professional development in parent engagement for teachers, leaders and other staff through workshops and staff meetings;
  • Access to a range of parent engagement strategies to raise student ambition, access and achievement; and
  • Evidence-based guidance on improving parent engagement.

Program Lead:

Alice Cornish

 “Parental involvement in education is pivotal for the success of children throughout their school years and beyond.”

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