The Aim of the GEMS Student Employment Initiative

A lifetime of opportunities

GEMS Student Employment is a new initiative launched in September 2018, creating opportunity for students through experiential learning allowing them to gain real-world experience. A GEMS-wide initiative, a first of its kind utilizing its extensive network working with industry leaders in the region and beyond. We will be campaigning and creating specific partnerships that promote lifelong learning and professional development of students, equipping them with portable and transferable skills for their future

What does this mean? GEMS students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of employment programs from volunteer work, internships, apprenticeships and summer jobs. By aligning these opportunities that students are passionate about whether our graduates proceed to University through our UniConnect partners and/or seek career alternatives, there will be a lifetime of opportunities exclusive to GEMS students and alumni.

Through continuous student profiling and CV building we will facilitate active and engaging opportunities and a choice of various industry pathways. Performance expectations, attendance and feedback will allow students and the employers to reflect on the outcomes to help enhance our curriculums and define skills required for the future. We have partnered with to provide all of our students a single platform to explore opportunities and begin building their online profiles!