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GEMS Education is looking forward to partnering with universities in the UAE and internationally, including the Ivy League and Oxbridge partners as part of the commitment to making quality education accessible for all students throughout their schooling and beyond.

Benefits of becoming a partner with GEMS are plentiful. You will have access to thousands of potential graduates each and every years as GEMS is the largest K-12 private education provider in the world. In addition, we can work together on new innovative initiatives that help prepare students for the transition from K-12 to Higher Education through custom training, innovative camps, summer programmes, curriculum development and more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have a defined procedure for the implementation of the UniConnect Scholarship program?

Yes we do have the procedure clearly documented and this is meant to indicate to you the complete workflows for the implementation of this program. These are clearly indicated in the handbook which documents this.

How do I get access to the Career Counsellors in the GEMS network?

If you require to contact any particular counselor, we would prefer it if you approached the Associate Director of Career Counseling who is the main focal point for any such access or contact information.

Is it possible to get the email/contact details of school leaving graduates?

Our aim is to try and get you in touch with as many of our graduating students, however at no time will we give you access to the contact details of our students. Should you have any form of communication or information to be passed on, we would require that you coordinate this through the Associate Director.

What is the process to participate in the GEMS School‘s career fairs?

As soon as we have fixed the dates of the Career fairs, as UniConnect partners you will receive an invitation to participate and once all the necessary paperwork is completed and all the procedures done, your participation will be confirmed.

Who is the contact person to whom information about awarded scholarships can be directed?

Once again the key person here is the Associate Director who will coordinate and ensure that all provided information will reach the Communications Department for the necessary publicity and exposure.

Where can we publish the details of the students awarded scholarships?

We have several in-house publications which are circulated throughout the GEMS world and in order to give the scholarship program as much exposure as possible we will create opportunities and avenue for publicity and exposure.

Who is responsible for determining the criteria for scholarship awarding?

The entire responsibility for determining the awards of scholarships lies with the awarding university or college and as required or requested, we at GEMS will fully support the UniConnect partner in other ventures which may be juried or need based scholarship determination.

Does the school counsellor have any role in the preparation and examination of the application for admission and scholarship?

If you are to refer to the handbook this clearly indicates the workflow for the implementation of the scholarship process and the role of the individual school counsellor in application processing.

Does the school have any agreement clauses for the scholarships to be awarded?

Any agreement clauses for scholarships is directly between the awarding partner and the student and it is the individual responsibility of the former to document and sign any clause prior to the commencement of the scholarship agreement.

Do we have any agreed upon procedures and processes to determine the awarding of need based scholarships?

Prior to the awarding of the need based scholarships, both parties the UniConnect Partner and GEMS need to clearly document and agree upon these procedure and processes and circulate to all concerned to ensure that there is a clear cut, transparent and accountable system in place.

Do GEMS Schools guarantee a certain number of students to the scholarship program?

We are an education provider and at no time will we recommend students to individual partners, as we firmly believe that this is an individual’s prerogative to select the best fit provider for his/her career and future.

Will we have unrestricted access to GEMS schools?

All access to our GEMS schools will have to pass through the office of the main coordinator, the Associate Director of Counseling Services.

Will we get free access to publishing articles and advertisements in GEMS publications?

No, you will not, but we will have a planned and structured approach to this and all our partners will be featured at appropriate times.

Do we have a dedicated GEMS employee who will handle all our requests and requirements?

The Associate Director will be there to help and guide you at each and every stage of the agreement, however this role is purely to coordinate and ensure efficiency at all levels and is not a dedicated person for individual requirements.