Remote Learning FAQ

Questions and Answers About Remote Learning

Why are you recording remote learning sessions?

To facilitate 24-hour access for families, quality assurance, professional development and safeguarding checks.

Who has access to recordings?

Parents/guardians with students in the same class, teachers, safeguarding staff and IT technical support.

How long will they have access to these recordings?

  • Parents/guardians will have access until the Sunday following the week of the recording.
  • Teachers, safeguarding staff and IT technical support will have access until the end of the academic year, after which point the teachers will delete the footage.

Where is the data stored?

The data is stored in the cloud storage of the service provider, as follows:

  • Microsoft Teams – Data is stored in Microsoft Stream.
  • Google Meet – Data is stored in Google Drive.

What if I don’t want my child to be recorded?

Parents may opt out of their child being involved in the recordings by (i) muting their audio and turning off their video, and (ii) contacting the relevant officer at the school to provide the school with notice of such decision. In this manner, the school and relevant teacher is then made aware of a parent’s decision to opt out of such practices.