Hawkeye Flies High with World Title

Introducing, the award-winning robot - Hawkeye

Published on Inbox, GEMS Internal Newsletter
November 2013 Issue

Hawkeye – the unmanned flying Robot created by students from Our Own High School – Al Warqa’a was declared the best technical robot in the world, at the 10th World Robotics Olympiad held in recently in Indonesia.

The students of the school did GEMS and the UAE proud by winning this title and also winning first place in the Senior Open Category. It was also the first time their type of robot had ever been attempted in the competition.

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The team that calls themselves Unmanned, competed against 36 teams from around the world and has added to the list of Robotics titles and recognition that OOHS – Al Warqa’a has won over the last few years. This makes it the 11th and 12th award that the school has won in the Robotics Olympiad since 2010.

Unmanned’s accomplishment wouldn’t have been possible without robotics coach Rama Rao, and the support and encouragement of their school and the local authorities like Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC).