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GEMS Legacy School – Dubai (GLS)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Welcome to GEMS Legacy School - Dubai (formerly known as The Kindergarten Starters), a modern kindergarten in Dubai that provides children from kindergarten to grade 5 with the very best start to their education. Established in 1990, this outstanding primary school in Dubai lays the foundations for every child to continue the pursuit of excellence.

The school, located on 2nd street, Garhoud, in Dubai, follows our own unique curriculum to reflect our diverse student population and the international outlook of the school.

In the kindergarten, there has been a shift from specific subject content such as English and maths, to a more skills based approach to learning, which develops the personal, social, language, creative and enquiry skills of all our young learners. 

Our unique primary curriculum aims to provide a broad range of learning opportunities and encourage a rich variety of experiences and approaches that cater to the specific needs of each child. This is designed to nurture our students and help them develop in every aspect of their lives.

As one of the best equipped primary schools in Dubai, we boast facilities that cater to the diverse tastes of all our young learners. We have a multimedia and ICT centre to expose children to IT from an early age; a safe, secure play area; activity rooms to make learning fun and exciting; a science and maths resource centre; a dance room; a music and art room; and our very own traffic park to improve road safety – basically everything your child needs to keep them on their toes!

This is supplemented by a wide range of extra-curricular activities, from performing arts and creative communication to the visual arts, sports and P.E.

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PO Box 4973, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Telephone: + 971 4 282 4090

Email: [email protected]

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