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Generation Z: Global Citizenship Survey – What the world’s young people think and feel

This is the biggest, most comprehensive up-to-date global survey of the views of Generation Z – the teenagers and young adults who were born around the turn of the millennium. The Varkey Foundation surveyed over 20,000 young people in 20 countries around the world.

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Failures in Education for Girls -130 million are currently out of school

It’s not a question of subjects or priorities, what resources are needed but a much more fundamental question of access to education. Can children go to school at all? Depressingly, figures from the UN suggest that no progress has been made in dealing with the lack of school places in the world’s poorest countries.  

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Italy: 800 schools focus on media manipulation and recognizing fake news

Italian students are learning about how the media can manipulate information and how they might recognize the truth from fake news.

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Universities want to expand their diverse communities – but not in US!

One quarter of the world’s universities want a diverse student body and want to expand the admissions of minority groups on the basis of gender, ethnicity, class, race, geography or the high school that you attended. Cutting edge thinking on diversity now comes from other parts of the world.

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