Student Exchange – Change the World

We want our students to understand the issues that affect them locally, nationally and globally.

We believe in global education and . We are passionate about students appreciating the perspectives and ideas of others and showing empathy, compassion and respect towards those perspectives however diverse. 

We want to engage our students in meaningful real-world learning; learning that has significance and a purpose so that they become global thinkers and take global action.  It is in this way that they become global leaders. 

As digital natives, our students seamlessly traverse across boundaries everyday, speak in more than one language and live in more than one country or community. 

Connecting the classroom to the field is an important part of a students’ personal and social development. To be globally ready means that we must expose ourselves to the wider world, to touch, to feel, to immerse ourselves. 

Our Global Campus

GEMS students have the opportunity to travel the world and learn in our many international classrooms. They can live and learn as part of their GEMS educational journey. Connections can be made to international schools, either virtually or in person. 

The Global Connect Student Exchange

The Global Connect student exchange enables our students to experience another GEMS school and another country to broaden their horizons in a secure environment. These can be dual or multi-week, summer or shorter cultural experiences. Students may be hosted with a local family or within student accommodation. They can keep up to date using the GEMS Virtual Learning Platform to keep ahead of school-work and maintain their connections around the world. 

The GEMS Global Connect student exchange can be focused on a variety of experiences from language and cultural, sport to service learning and academic. 

GEMS students can also benefit from field research, exploring geographical and environmental issues. These real-world experiences offer students the opportunity to collect, manage and analyse data connected to local and global issues in the region. Field research can form part of the student exchange or as an activity in its own right. 

This year, GEMS students will traverse the globe as part of our unique exchange programme where students from our schools in Uganda, Kenya, Chicago, India, Dubai and Abu Dhabi will experience life in other parts of the world and immerse themselves in new contexts and new situations. 

How can young people become globally ready? 

The student exchange is a challenging activity for our young people, taking them out of their comfort zone. However, these unique experiences provide opportunities for personal growth and development, enabling students to demonstrate resilience, grit and independence. Skills of collaboration are enhanced and they can build long lasting relationships and friendships.