COVID-19 Relief Package

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Relief Package means-tested?

We are not in a position to be able to offer a blanket discount. However, we firmly believe our targeted approach is more equitable and effective in helping those who have been most impacted, enabling us to make a more meaningful difference.

What assistance is available to parents who are not eligible for the Relief Package?

We have waived all registration, assessment and administration fees until further notice. This applies to all GEMS parents.  Re-enrolment fees are still due but will be offset against next term’s fees (September 2020).

In addition, we encourage parents to make the most of numerous measures put in place by UAE banks to support customers, including interest-free instalment plans for all school fee payments made by credit card.

What happens if parents don’t pay school fees?

In line with regulatory guidelines, tuition fees must be paid to ensure students continue to access remote learning and progress to the next Year or Grade. We will unfortunately have to suspend remote learning for students whose parents have not settled their tuition fees.

Will education be affected by the current crisis?

Our teachers and education leaders are putting a tremendous amount of time and effort into providing the highest quality remote learning for all our students. Protecting our teaching and academic staff is critical to ensure that when we resume normal operations, our schools, our people and the quality of provision remain intact.