Frequently Asked Questions

Cambridge International School (CIS) Relocation

Why are you relocating Cambridge International School (CIS) to a new campus?

It has become clear that the current CIS campus no longer meets our expectations or the high standard for health and safety that that is required at any GEMS school. Making this change allows us to sustain the Cambridge International School operations in the long term and protect, safeguard and improve the learning of the students in our care – not just now, but well into the future. This has led to our decision to relocate GEMS Cambridge International School effective September 2020.

Moving to this new site offers significantly enhanced facilities, and the move will allow us to continue to enhance the 37-year legacy of CIS and build on the history that our school has developed in terms of learner success.

What does this mean for students?

GEMS Cambridge International School will continue to operate as normal in the new campus. We intend to retain all of our schools’ unique characteristics and every effort will be put into maintaining and enhancing the ethos of CIS.

From September 2020, GEMS Cambridge International School will offer a revised provision based on our KHDA approved reopening model.

GEMS Cambridge International School will continue to be led by Lachlan Mackinnon, the current Principal/CEO of CIS who has led that school to significant success in its recent Distance Learning Evaluation and recent A Level results. The current Senior Leadership Team will also be on hand to continue supporting Lachlan, the staff and students.

By relocating the CIS campus, students will benefit from improved facilities and an all-round better educational experience for all.

How will you be safeguarding the wellbeing of our students during this move?

The wellbeing of our students will always be our number one priority. Key actions as part of the transition include:

  • Teachers and leaders will work with students and parents in the coming weeks to discuss the changes taking place in September 2020 and ensure that they understand the developments. Further communication, advice and guidance will be provided to students and parents prior to the start of the academic year and can be found in these FAQs
  • The development of the physical site and robust arrangements and routines related to movement around the school will ensure that students always feel safe and comfortable.

Is there sufficient space for all students in the new campus, and how will you ensure social distancing is adhered to?

There has been extensive planning of the curriculum and enrolments to ensure the campus is used effectively to give students of all ages the best experience possible. There is capacity for growth in all sections of the school. The Principal will continue to review the organisation and facilities of the school to meet the needs of students and provide enriched learning spaces.

Being part of GEMS Education means we have access to a dedicated central Health and Safety team who will support GEMS Cambridge International School with detailed plans and guidance to ensure adherence to the regulator’s health and safety directives and support our children’s safety alongside their education and wellbeing.

When will the move to a new campus take place?

The new GEMS Cambridge International School campus will be ready to welcome students in time for the start of the new academic year in September 2020. All necessary physical adjustment will be made to the buildings before the academic year starts.

Why are you only informing parents now, so close to the start of the academic year?

This decision has been made after extensive discussion with the regulators. It was crucial that we had their consent to be able to communicate with parents and move forward together. We informed parents as soon as we had the regulators’ consent. We have been working over the summer to find an alternative campus that meets the safety and facility requirements and provides the very best that our community deserves.

What will happen to the current GEMS Cambridge International School campus?

The current campus will remain empty and no entry will be permitted at this time.

How does this move affect teachers?

We will retain our current staff who will move to the new campus with us.

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