Suspension of all Educational Services at GEMS Heritage School

Sir Christopher Stone

“It is with deep regret that GEMS Education has made the difficult decision to suspend all educational services at GEMS Heritage Indian School in March 2021. It is a sad day for not only students, parents and teachers at GEMS Heritage Indian School, but our entire education family.
“Our commitment is, and has always been, to deliver the brilliant education parents expect. However, the number of students at Heritage makes it impossible to continue providing the very best education. The physical size of the campus is simply not appropriate or economical for the number of students it serves.
At the same time, we also have to deal with the impact of COVID-19 on every business and family in the region, and we expect this will cause growth in the number of Heritage students to be even slower. The disruption we at GEMS Education, and the entire sector, face today is entirely unprecedented. The reasons and pressures are many; and the truth is that it is incredibly difficult for anyone to predict every challenge we will face.
This presents some tough choices. But by making the right decisions today, we secure the future of our children. And the future of every generation of children that follows. This decision, in particular, will enable to us to protect and safeguard the learning of thousands of students within our family – not just now, but well into the future.
We will do whatever we can to lessen the blow for parents and students. We will be in close contact with the families of every Heritage student. We will be asking for their views and circumstances, so we are in the best position to help them. We want to make sure every child continues to get the education they deserve, which is why, before making this decision, we ensured there were spaces available for every Heritage student at our other schools.
We also want to assure parents and students that GEMS Heritage Indian School will continue to operate as normal until the end of the academic year in March 2021. To ensure minimal disruption for all families, our school and parent relations teams will work very closely with parents and students to arrange seamless transfers to alternative schools within our network. We are offering students from GEMS Heritage Indian School places at a variety of CBSE and international curriculum schools with either the same or better ratings.
We have not taken this decision lightly. We know it will cause disruption to our parents and their children. We understand how difficult it is to uproot a child from a school they enjoy, teachers they respect and friends they love. This is why we are going to help every family affected in every way we can.”

Sir Christopher Stone
Global Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education

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