Deema Al-Alami

Vice President - Arabic Language & Islamic Studies

Deema Al-Alami is the VP-Arabic Language & Islamic Studies at GEMS Education. Holding an MA Degree in Education Management from Kings College London-UK, a BA Degree in Elementary Education from The American University of Beirut-Lebanon, and working in the field of Education in Jordan, Lebanon and the UAE, Deema has a deep understanding of the existing opportunities and challenges when bridging between international best practices in education, and local Arab school culture.

Her professional experience over the past 10 years first started in the classroom teaching Languages, Art and Science. Over the past 6 years her focus shifted to working on national and regional capacity, building programmes in both the private and public sector.

She has led some of the largest education reform projects in the MENA region for notable agencies including the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Ministries of Education across the Arab region.