Ranju Anand

Vice President - Education

Ranju Anand joined GEMS Education 21 years ago as a secondary school teacher in one of our British Curriculum Schools.

Over her career at GEMS, Ranju has grown and developed and taken on a variety of roles and responsibilities.

Ranju is now responsible for overseeing and serving nine established British Curriculum schools, two new schools that will be opening in September 2018 that are international in student and teacher population, culture and values as well as one Indian School. These schools are spread across Dubai and Northern Emirates.

Ranju is a committed educationist and leader with a passion for learning. She has 25 years of experience of enabling pupils from a rich cultural mix, of all abilities, to receive the most challenging of educational opportunities and achieve their full academic and personal potential, while understanding their cultural needs.  

In her previous role as the Principal of GEMS Winchester School Jebel Ali, she was dedicated to creating a caring, enriching, personalised and well-balanced learning environment, where Emotional Intelligence was high on agenda. She improved the school’s KHDA rating from ‘Acceptable’ to ‘Very Good’ while doubling the student and teacher population during those years. This exceptional achievement was made possible through team work, a culture of support and development, innovation, outstanding parental engagement and a personalised support for all children with a vision to nurture each child to a whole human, including very high standards of Arabic and Islamic Education.

Ranju strongly believes in sharing good practices with other educationalists around the world for the benefit of all children and actively supporting other schools. She has strengthened relationships with parents and encouraged them to be true partners in planning and idea sharing when it comes to school development. It builds a community that partners parents, staff and students alike.