GEMS Education strengthens partnership with Microsoft to increase adoption of technology in learning.

GEMSTONE program enables students enhance productivity and collaboration among peers.

30 June 2015, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. GEMS Education has partnered with Microsoft to increase the adoption of technology in learning across GEMS schools in the UAE. As a part of the GEMSTONE program, students and teachers across participating schools have been learning to utilize Microsoft educational technologies to enhance learning within and outside the classroom.

The program, made available to students across all schools in the GEMS Education group, amplifies efforts to provide students with learning tools that help them realize their potential. Through a series of seminars and online workshops, student ambassadors explored the Microsoft suite of tools and subsequently ran individual campaigns in their schools to leverage Office 365 for collaboration and creative exploration.

The learning tools aid students in co creating digital content and facilitate more teamwork as students work synchronously on projects. The program also has a set of offerings for teachers and tailored sessions for educators are helping them discover how they can connect with their students in innovative ways.

Ahmed Ameen, Gulf Education Lead,  Microsoft  said, “As technology becomes ubiquitous, Microsoft is constantly creating ways in which this technology can be best used to transform learning environments and deliver more personalized education to students, allowing them to do more and achieve more. The GEMSTONE campaign is part of our long-term commitment to working with schools and educators in the UAE to expand the world of learning through technology, allowing students and teachers to leverage the Cloud, mobile devices and digital applications to expand their horizons. The campaign is helping to make teachers and students more technology conscious in pursuing their daily academic needs.”

Andrew Nolan, Education Technology Advisor, GEMS “GEMS is committed to ensuring students and staff are equipped with world leading digital solutions. Our long term partnership with Microsoft has brought many benefits to our schools. We have jointly worked on a number of initiatives that have seen GEMS educators represented at local and global Forums for innovative uses of technology in Teaching and Learning. We have an extensive engagement with Microsoft IT Academy to further develop the technical skills of all GEMS stakeholders. The GEMSTONE campaign has been extremely well received by our community. Our students have devised highly imaginative and creative projects that have created a real buzz in their communities about the possibilities of learning empowered by digital tools such as Office 365.

GEMSTONE is a key initiative in the partnership that GEMS Education has with Microsoft and underscores the group’s efforts to provide students an enriched learning experience.