GEMS Education opens 7 new schools in the UAE*

New schools strengthens GEMS commitment to providing high quality education to families in the UAE

Two American, two Indian and three British curriculum schools to be added to the school network across three emirates for 2016

Dubai, UAE: GEMS Education has announced that it will be opening 7 new schools this year. The new schools will provide a variety of curriculum options and will help to meet the demand for high quality schools for families in the UAE.

“The UAE is placing an increased focus on quality education as a key pillar to build a knowledge-based economy, and by opening these new schools we are reaffirming our commitment to education in the country and helping to take forward the vision of the nation's leadership,” said Dino Varkey, Group Executive Director and Board Member for GEMS Education.

“We are a company of passionate educators and for over 55 years have been privileged to have thousands of families place their trust in us and our schools. We have long term plans where we will continue to provide schools of the highest calibre to families in the UAE,” he said.

INDIAN Curriculum Schools

GEMS Indian Curriculum schools have been a part of the UAE’s education landscape for over 46 years, with students achieving exceptional recognition in academics and extra -curricular activities. GEMS CBSE students obtain pass rates that exceed 99% and are well above the National average for India. In the last three years over 80 GEMS students, teachers and families have been honoured with the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Distinguished Academic Performance. To help meet the need that the community has for schools with this curriculum, GEMS is opening two new CBSE schools.

GEMS Heritage Indian School*

GEMS Heritage Indian School will be led by Darryl Bloud, the former Principal and CEO of GEMS Modern Academy. The new CBSE School will combine expertise from all GEMS CBSE schools, especially the Our Own English Schools, and will offer a technology enriched curriculum. The school will have Academies that will nurture specific student talent in areas such as Cricket, Debates, Performing Arts, etc.

GEMS United Indian Academy – Abu Dhabi

GEMS United Indian School will deliver an internationally comparable quality Indian education to families in the capital. The innovative learning and teaching at the school will empower our learners to achieve excellence. The school is committed to providing an education that is exceptional in value, and places an emphasis on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

AMERICAN Curriculum Schools

With the proven track record of GEMS American Curriculum schools in the UAE, the student centred approach enables students to achieve in all areas. Students from these schools have been phenomenally successful in gaining admission into leading colleges and universities around the world, including Ivy League colleges in the US. GEMS is opening two new American curriculum schools.

GEMS Nations Academy*:

Offering a rigorous, future focused American curriculum, GEMS Nations Academy aims to be the leading US curriculum school in the region producing future leaders and global citizens. A strong emphasis on academic achievement and development of character, paired with innovative teaching and the latest advances in educational thinking, develop each child into a connected and engaged learner. With an unmatched Lead Teacher/Co-Teacher model that enables students to learn from experienced, high caliber teachers, an immersive Language program and a uniquely personalized instruction approach, Nations Academy will prepare tomorrow’s scholars, entrepreneurs and leaders as thinkers, doers and makers.

GEMS United Academy*:

GEMS United Academy will be a Middle and High School, offering an Enriched American Curriculum and it will be modelled after the highly-sought-after Dubai American Academy, which has been the only American curriculum school to be ranked Outstanding by the KHDA. Our student-centered programs at this school will inspire confident, creative and successful young people, providing them with the ability to make informed decisions about their life and academic choices. Executive Principal for GEMS Education, Dan Young, who previously led GEMS World Academy and Dubai American Academy, will be a part of the founding education team at GEMS United Academy.

National Curriculum for England

GEMS British Curriculum Schools provide a learning environment where students thrive in an international experience, with our students achieving exam results that are consistently above home country averages. Over the past six years, students from GEMS British Curriculum schools have won over 138 University of Cambridge International Examinations, Outstanding Cambridge Learner awards. Nine of these have been Top of the World Awards and 84 have been Top of their Country awards.

GEMS Al Barsha National School for Boys and GEMS Al Barsha National School for Girls*

These new schools are unique in offering and aim to be the leading National Schools in the UAE producing future Emirati and Arab Leaders and global citizens. These schools will offer the National Curriculum for England with a strong focus on Arabic and Islamic studies. The curriculum will be delivered by experienced teachers in both English and Arabic, so that every student will be rooted in Islamic values with Arabic fluency, while still being prepared for the ever changing global world.

GEMS Founders School*

GEMS Founders School will offer a high-quality, affordable British Education to families. Located centrally in Al Barsha, the school is easily accessible and will provide students with an enhanced academic experience and a well-appointed contemporary learning environment


For more information on enrolment in any of these schools please call the GEMS Enrolment Center at 600 56 7771 or email us at [email protected]