GEMS Education reaffirms commitment to UAE’s education agenda through Arabic teacher coaching

Gathers over 600 Arabic and Islamic Studies teachers from within GEMS Education network to reveal strategy for the future

  • H.H Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi acknowledges the importance of Arabic teachers

Dubai, UAE: With the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and the Abu Dhabi Education Council’s (ADEC) focus on preserving the UAE’s heritage and Emirati culture, GEMS Education, in association with TELLAL, organised a workshop titled Khotwat Le Rehla Azeema (Steps towards a Journey of Excellence) at GEMS Modern Academy to align itself with the national goals of enhancing Arabic language education.

TELLAL (Teacher Learning and Leadership for All) is the first licensed dedicated teacher training institute in the UAE in partnership with GEMS Education. The institute provides a pioneering curriculum, including specialist routes in Early Years, Arabic and Special Educational Needs, for pre-service and in-service teachers in the UAE.

Committed towards promoting UAE’s culture among its students, GEMS Education constantly improves standards of learning and teaching, resulting in academic progress made by students especially in Arabic, Social Studies and Islamic Education.

The Khotwat Le Rehla Azeema workshop hosted 600 Arabic, Social Studies and Islamic Studies teachers from 26 different schools within its network with eight Arabic coaches appointed to improve standards of Arabic and Islamic education. The event saw H.H Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi – a member of the Ajman royal family - as a chief guest along with the lead Arabic coach to present the role of these teachers.

Acknowledging the importance of teachers, H.H Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali said: “An Inspiring teacher is the one who teaches others how to teach themselves, and brings out the best in his students and in others.”

With an ultimate goal to strengthen students’ linguistic competencies and pride towards the Arabic language and UAE’s culture, TELLAL supports Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies teachers by continuously developing their skills and practice. In order to achieve an excellent overall academic experience for students, professional learning and development opportunities are conducted in Arabic language, which include KHDA Exam Preparation Program, Teacher Development Program, Train the Trainer program and Leadership Programs.

Acknowledging outstanding contribution in the field of Arabic language within their network, Dino Varkey, Managing Director, GEMS Education, presented teachers from each school with certificates of appreciation. These teachers were recognized by their school for their exceptional services, skills and commitment depicted over the years.

Dino Varkey, said: “This is the first time that we held an event exclusively for our Arabic language and Islamic Studies staff. This highlights GEMS Education’s emphasis on learning and teaching the Arabic language as a core priority. Today, the ability to speak a language gives us a window into understanding the culture and values of the place and its people. The ability of our students to speak Arabic language can potentially mean that we have a generation of students in our schools who will act as a bridge to improve tolerance, understanding and be harbingers of peace in our world.”

In his speech, Mr. Yasser Al Jundi, Lead Arabic Coach at GEMS Education said “Nowadays, it is important to focus on self-development to keep up with new trends and updates around us so we’re well prepared for the future. Our teachers are extremely valuable to us as they are responsible for tutoring, nurturing and creating the leaders of tomorrow.”

Commenting on TELLAL initiatives, Deema Al-Alami, Senior Manager for Professional Learning and Development for Arabic and Islamic Studies Improvement, GEMS Education, said: “TELLAL manages an Arabic network with over 300 members, where we share resources, ideas and learning experiences related to teaching and learning of Arabic. We are constantly developing strategies to enhance the quality of education for both our teachers and students.”