GEMS Heritage Indian School to open April 2016*

Built on over 46 years of excellence in the CBSE curriculum

GEMS Heritage Indian School will have academies for Cricket, Debates, performing arts, etc.

Dubai: GEMS Education has announced the opening of a new CBSE School for April 2016. GEMS Heritage Indian School will be located in the Al Barsha of Dubai, in a purpose built facility that will cater to over 10,000 students once completed.*

The school will be unique in Dubai offering a technology enriched curriculum, and academies catering to specific talents of students.

The school will combine a ‘Bring Your Own Technology’ program with the provision of a world-leading, secure and dynamic online learning ecosystem, which will fully engage all students in the learning process.  Teachers, students and parents will have anytime, anywhere access to the very best digital learning content, integrated data on performance and cutting-edge communication tools, empowering learners to personalise and maximise learning outcomes.

The Cricket Academy will attract the best cricketing stars and talent locally and internationally, giving students the opportunity to focus on developing the skills required to further their cricketing ambitions. The School of Performing Arts and Music will build the artistic talents of students who are keen to hone their skills beyond the experiences provided in simple extra-curricular activities. The Debate Academy will also provide students with opportunities to interact with coaches who have had international debate experience, in order to ensure their own techniques are enhanced. With fees (subject to KHDA approvals) ranging from 14,000 to 24,000 AED per annum, the value for money proposition provided by this school is clear. Merit based scholarship will also be available to students.

GEMS CBSE schools have been synonymous with quality education in the UAE for over 46 years. Over 99.9 percent of the students from the Our Own English High Schools graduate and go on to attend some of the best universities and colleges around the world. The thousands of alumni from these schools have become successful in many different industries including business, science, music, banking, and sports. GEMS Heritage Indian School promises to further the excellence these schools have been known for. 

Darryl Bloud, Vice President and Brand/Curriculum Leader, for GEMS Education will lead the school, while building on the practices of the GEMS schools rated outstanding by the KHDA.  Describing the educational offering of this school, Darryl shared: “GEMS Heritage Indian School will ensure that students gain mastery not only over academic principles, but also the doctrine around which success in the 21st century revolves. The enriched curriculum and additional facilities, which build on the history and excellence of Our Own English High School and all the GEMS Indian Curriculum Schools, will provide engaging opportunities to craft well-rounded and well-adjusted students. I am personally delighted to be a part of this leading initiative that is set to change the landscape of education in the region.”

As the former Principal and CEO of GEMS Modern Academy, Darryl led the well-known ISC school for over 14 years. Under his leadership, GEMS Modern Academy was among the Indian Curriculum Schools to receive an “Outstanding” rating by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority. The school has maintained that rating since 2011.

More recently, as Vice President and Brand/Curriculum Leader, Darryl has led on a number of strategic initiatives that are designed to deliver a student experience of the highest quality that parents rightly, expect of GEMS.

With the opening of GEMS Heritage Indian School, as well as what we hope is six other GEMS schools this upcoming academic year, we are reaffirming our commitment to education in the country and helping to take forward the vision of the nation's leadership, which is placing an emphasis on quality education,” said Dino Varkey, Group Executive Director and Board Member for GEMS Education. “We recognize there is a need for high quality Indian curriculum schools and we know that GEMS Heritage Indian School will further the reputation that GEMS Indian curriculum schools have already built in the county,” he said.

The opening of the GEMS Heritage Indian School is a part of the plans GEMS Education has to build more Indian Curriculum Schools in the UAE. In 2016 GEMS Education will also open GEMS United Indian School in Abu Dhabi, and an expansion of the GEMS New Millennium School – Al Khail. Another CBSE School is also planned in Sharjah for April 2017.