GEMS Students shine with their IB results

Once again GEMS schools outperform other international schools

Dubai, UAE --- 2016 proved to be an outstanding year for GEMS schools as they continue to perform above the international averages in the International Baccalaureate.

A total of 326 students from GEMS World Academy, Dubai, Dubai American Academy, GEMS Wellington Academy - Silicon Oasis, GEMS Wellington International School, GEMS Modern Academy and GEMS American Academy, Abu Dhabi achieved their IB Diploma, which marks a 28% increase from 2015 in the number of students receiving their diplomas.

The GEMS pass rate has now soared to 92% (from 90% in 2015) with the pass rate internationally remaining at 78.5% for the third year in a row. These figures are even more impressive when you consider the increased number of students in GEMS schools sitting the IB examinations.

Further, the average score of 33 demonstrates an improvement on previous results and is consistently improving against the world averages which this year was recorded at 30.

Sir Christopher Stone, Chief Education Officer at GEMS Education, congratulated all IB students on their results. “This is a fantastic culmination of all their learning and hard work at school and lays a great foundation for their continued lifelong learning at their universities of choice and later in the world of work.”

GEMS schools also had many students who exceeded an average score of 40. With only 146 students globally achieving a perfect score of 45, we are proud to share that Nora Jandhyala from GEMS Wellington International School is one of these students. Another three GEMS students – Neeranuch Vootivakinskul from GEMS World Academy, Dubai, and Claudia Elliot-Wilson and Mayla Razzouk both from GEMS Wellington International School all received an impressive 44.

James MacDonald, who has recently joined GEMS Education as the Senior IB Curriculum Leader overseeing GEMS IB schools, highlighted that there has been a steady increase in student performance since 2012. “Since 2012, students at GEMS IB schools have improved their performance every year, and the ever widening gap in performance levels between GEMS schools and international benchmarks is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of GEMS teachers in our continued effort to achieve the highest of standards,” said James.

Before joining GEMS, James was Head of School at the prestigious NIST International School in Thailand, which is one of the world’s largest three program IB schools, and prior to that, he was Head of the world's second oldest international school, Yokohama International School in Japan.  James has served on numerous boards and committees within the educational sector, including being the Chair of the IB Regional Council in Asia Pacific.

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