GEMS Students Excel in ISC and ICSE examinations

The outstanding ISC and ICSE results of GEMS Modern Academy gave the teachers and students much to celebrate

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - The outstanding ISC and ICSE results of GEMS Modern Academy gave the teachers and students much to celebrate as the news of impressive marks trickled in.

Nargish Khambatta, Principal and CEO of GEMS Modern Academy, and Convener of the ISC Examinations, Dubai, said: "It is heartening to note that our top academic achievers are also all-rounders, finding the right balance between their focus on academics and their extra-curricular pursuits. Our students have lived up to the high expectations their teachers had of them. This year we have a world topper in ISC despite having the largest cohort ever – Aakanksha Rai secured 99.25% in grade 12 and was placed second globally.  As Carol Dweck, the proponent of the growth mindset theory said, “no matter what your ability is, effort is what ignites that ability and turns it into accomplishment.” Hearty congratulations to our students, parents and teachers - the strong bond we share as a community nurtures excellence.”

Building on its 31year history of being the oldest ICSE School in Dubai, students from GEMS Modern Academy have showcased yet again that it takes perseverance and focus to produce such exemplary results year on year.

146 students who appeared for the ISC (Grade 12) exam, with a batch average of 86.8% with 48.6 percent of our students scoring above 90% Aakanksha Rai topped the Science stream with a staggering score of 99.25% (with a perfect score of 100 in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science and 97 in English). Aakansha has been a swimming champion and has won more than 45 medals for the school! She plays the guitar and has got distinctions in Speech and Drama and Communications – Aakansha wants to pursue Computer Science – while she has got through IIIT in Hyderabad, India,  she is most likely to join the National University of Singapore.

Jagrit Relli topped the Commerce stream an impressive aggregate of 96%.

Keenen Dominic Fernandes topping his class in the Humanities stream with 97.75%

233 students who appeared for the ICSE (Grade 10) exam.

The batch average was 88.8% which 2.4% higher than the 2017 result.

Arisma Arora topped the batch 98.6% with a perfect score of 100 in History, Civics, Geography; Math; Computer Applications. Arisma is on the Voices publication team at Modern and is part of the Emirates Young Symphony Orchestra and the School orchestra as she plays the violin.

58.4% percent of the students scored above 90 percent Based on their predicted scores and outstanding achievements in other areas of school life, students of GEMS Modern Academy have received admission to coveted universities like UC Berkley, London School of Economics, Stanford University, Imperial College London, UCLA, University of Michigan, and Indiana University, among others.