GEMS Education Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai

GEMS X, GEMS Education’s future-focused innovation and R&D unit, places Centres of Excellence at forefront of new strategic partnership

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: GEMS Education has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Dubai, which will see RIT play a significant role in the development of GEMS Education’s Specialist Technology Centres of Excellence. These Centres are a response to the rapid rate of technological and societal changes in today’s world, and aim to drive the changes needed in ensure current models of education remain relevant to the dynamic nature of industry.

GEMS Education’s future-focused innovation and R&D unit, GEMS X, is leading the formation of the Centres of Excellence that will promote and deliver outstanding provision of future technology and digital learning experiences. The Centres will place initial emphasis on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Robotics, Nanotech and Biotech, expanding over time to include further emerging technologies.

Dino Varkey, CEO of GEMS Education, said:“The development of our Centres of Excellence is essential to us remaining pioneers in technology within the education sector in the region. I therefore welcome our strategic partnership with RIT and look forward to our close collaboration on some of the most exciting, disruptive technologies in the world.”

The Centres of Excellence will focus on integration with university and business partners, integrating pathways and philosophies of real-world learning, research and development, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Centres will also act as international hubs for the global GEMS Education network and community.

Michael Gernon, Chief Education Innovation Officer at GEMS Education, said: “The Centres of Excellence are founded on the research that 65% of the jobs needed in 10 years’ time do not exist yet. The Centres will ensure students as young as age 10 are fully equipped with the skills, expert guidance and grasp of emerging technologies required to prepare them for a radically changing world as well as for jobs of the future.”

RIT has agreed to lend its faculty and Masters students to co-develop and deliver student and teacher training, curriculum development and workshops in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, robotics, data science and entrepreneurship. There will be learning pathways developed initially for ages 14 and above. RIT will also provide mentorship and access to their maker spaces/incubator for promising student entrepreneurs and innovators.

Dr. Yousef Al-Assaf, President of RIT University, Dubai,said:“We are pleased to sign this MOU with one of the most prominent educational providers in the UAE in order to work together in preparing students as early as possible for future technological and digital learning experiences. GEMS Education is a very well-known group in providing quality education that grows pioneer students who are well equipped to face the challenges of university life, and this is what we at RIT look for.”

GEMS X continues to engage diverse participants in its strategic expansion, including government entities, businesses, universities, research partners, investors, early-stage organisations, youth and the public on long-term collaboration. GEMS X specialises in the research, design, and prototyping of new educational ecologies and emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Radical Personalisation Assistants and Immersive Technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.