Principals and Leaders

...headmasters, superintendents, executive school leaders

Being a Principal/CEO with GEMS Education offers you a unique opportunity to enhance and progress your career in global education. Whether this is your first foray into international education or the latest in a long line of positions in schools around the world, GEMS Education provides you with the unparalleled chance to be part of the world’s largest K-12 private school operator.

Relocating overseas or to a new country can be a daunting prospect. However, any challenges are far outweighed by the opportunity to develop your career in a new environment, work with outstanding educators and ambitious children whilst experiencing a new culture and lifestyle. You will find it to be a hugely rewarding experience in every way.

As a Principal/CEO with GEMS, you can expect to lead a school that has a state of the art campus with advanced technologies. You will work with passionate and dedicated staff, provide for students who have a thirst for learning and engage with highly aspirational and supportive parents. You will also be able to access our world class professional development programme, which is modelled on the outstanding practice within our schools. Finally, you will work with our internationally recognised GEMS advisers who are all leading experts in their field.

The corporate office for GEMS Education is based in Dubai. This is the backbone of our global school network and provides the Principal/CEO and schools with support through a range of in-house services. This includes marketing, IT, HR, finance and legal. Their purpose is to serve you and the schools to ensure day-to-day operations run exactly as you would like them to.

Each one of our schools follows either the British, American, Indian or IB curriculum. Our UAE based schools are inspected on a regular basis by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau or ADEC, and all schools implement a robust and rigorous model of continuous improvement and review.

Outside of school, a very generous housing allowance will ensure you and your family enjoy an excellent standard of living, whatever country your school is in. You will also be able to take advantage of our tuition fee concession, which will benefit up to two of your children in any GEMS school.

Comprehensive medical insurance is arranged on your behalf and you will be entitled to return air tickets (business class) each year to take you and spouse back to your country of origin.

There has never been a better time for you to consider joining GEMS. There are numerous opportunities awaiting you once you are an established principal with GEMS. Many of our current and former principals now lead 'brand teams' - groups of schools with common features within the GEMS network - or are the education leads in the region.

With over 60 years of experience in the private education market, GEMS Education is very proud of its history and past successes across the region. We are always forward thinking in our approach and we would love you to be a part of the next 60 years of GEMS Education.


We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

‘A GEMS Principal is four things. First he/she is an innovator. Young people anywhere in the world today need new minds and new thinking to lead their learning. Second, the GEMS Principal is an advocate for teacher professional development. A Principal who is not interested in training and developing his/her teachers and leading them towards outstanding practice in the classroom need not apply to be a GEMS Principal. Third, he/she is a business manager. Providing high quality but value for money education for its customers is a key task for a GEMS Principal. As in all businesses, decisions taken can be tough, but the needs of the whole learning community are to be served. Finally, the GEMS Principal is passionate about children’s learning and resilient in the face of all the challenges that present themselves in achieving what all teachers want: world class learning and world class learners.’ (David McLaughlin, Principal/CEO Cambridge International School, Dubai and Cambridge Brand Leader)

‘As a GEMS Principal you can point the way. I feel GEMS is synonymous with standards and reliability and parents are assured of an all-round finished product when their child studies at a GEMS school. We all look up to the Founder who indeed is a Gem - warm hearted, willing to listen and compassionate. The Varkey family know all Principals personally and that makes the difference.’ (Michael Guzder, Executive Principal/CEO, Millennium School, Dubai)