GEMS COVID-19 Relief Package

Education Doesn’t Stop!

The COVID-19 virus took the world by surprise, but at GEMS Education we were quick to mobilise relief efforts. We promptly launched our COVID-19 Relief Package to assist families who were financially impacted by the virus. Our targeted approach allowed us to assist those most in need, with fee discounts ranging from 25% to 100%. In this way, we are proud to have been able to assist the families of close to 30,000 students.

"We acknowledge that these are unprecedented times and that many of our parents have been impacted financially, which is why we rolled out our means-tested Relief Package – to provide support to those most need it."

Dino Varkey
Chief Executive Officer, GEMS Education

Education Doesn’t Stop!

At GEMS Education it is not just about financial support. We are always looking at ways we can evolve to ensure that we provide families with a quality education no matter what curriculum or price point. We are always adapting and looking at ways to enhance and diversify our education offering to better serve our communities.

The Guha family, with children at GEMS Founders School, Dubai, benefited from the Relief Package:

"During these very uncertain times, we were hit by the crisis and it was a great relief for us to receive a discount from GEMS Education. We are happy that our kids can continue their education through distance learning. We thank all the teachers, management and IT staff, who are working hard to make e-learning easier as well as fun for the kids. These are testing times for all, and we believe that as individuals, groups and communities, we have to support each other and take the right positive steps to move forward and come out stronger."

Lorraine Mbonshi, with a child at GEMS Al Khaleej National School, said:

"I express my gratitude to GEMS Education for this relief. It brings so much joy to know that my little one will be able to continue in a school where parents are supported to such an extent. As a single mother, you have my heartfelt gratitude for this, which I cannot express enough."