GEMS X is the future-focused research and development arm of GEMS Education.

GEMS X is the future-focused research and development arm of GEMS Education. Its goal is to redefine learning through a lens of work, technology and interconnected societies, engage students to create and prototype radical solutions to open-ended systemic challenges, and prepare youth for a rapidly evolving, dynamic tomorrow.

What’s GEMS X involved in?


GEMS X opportunities for students

  • Prepare and arm yourself for a rapidly changing future
  • Gain an entrepreneurial mindset built on innovation
  • Learn how to develop, scale and pitch products and solutions
  • Benefit from integrated pathways into future industries and workforces
  • Take advantage of unparalleled university and employment experiences
  • Benefit from the next and best practices for innovative learning and teaching

GEMS X initiatives

Global Futures Curriculum

Partnership with US-based Singularity University to create a 20-week curriculum for ages 11-18 covering exponential technology, AI and future societies

GEMS Youth Challenges & Global Innovation Challenge

Partnership with Singularity University and other prominent organisations aimed at using exponential technologies to solve global issues

GEMS Xcelerator

Enterprise- and innovation-led initiatives for students, including design-thinking, investor pitching, business mentors and high-profile competitions


Courses for students covering 21st-century skills, innovation, global and cosmic citizenship, culture and society, ethics, philosophy and future studies

Computational Futures

Framework and curriculum for coding, computational thinking and robotics for ages 4-18


Series of talks on AI, exponential thinking, ed-tech and future fluencies, infinity, societies, jobs of the future, neuroscience and mind brain education

IBM Digital – Nation

Student access to over 75 different courses with a focus on advanced IT skills in future and emerging technologies, such as AI, blockchain, cloud, coding, Internet of Things, quantum computing, data science and analytics, and cybersecurity

Microsoft Educator Community

Training for teachers to become MS Innovative Educators (MIE), MS Innovative Expert Educators (MIEE), and MS Technical Fellows. Also includes 21st-century learning design for school leaders