Industry Collaboration

Collaborations that directly benefit and open up opportunities for our students.

At GEMS Education, we are always looking to develop new partnerships with organisations and institutions across various industries – collaborations that directly benefit and open up opportunities for our students. We understand the importance of delivering education that is grounded in the real world, offering hands- on, practical experiences that add relevance to the curriculum and which will stand our students in good stead once they graduate and enter the world of higher education and employment.

Recent partnerships and collaborations with leading organisations include:



GEMS and IBM entered into a partnership in 2020 that saw the IBM Digital – Nation platform piloted in select GEMS schools, and the platform has now been made available to all GEMS schools in the UAE and Qatar. IBM Digital – Nation serves as a one-stop-shop for students to build skills and knowledge on emerging technologies and industries. Since its rollout, several GEMS schools have integrated the platform as part of their e-learning journey.



GEMS and Siemens signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2019 to develop new and innovative initiatives designed to add value to the transfer of knowledge and expertise to GEMS students, while also increasing and enhancing the sustainability aspects within GEMS and promoting digitalisation. GEMS students gain access to industry-level courses and qualifications, support from industry experts, and internships. They also have the opportunity to be part of an energy efficiency programme that will be adapted into a case study specific to their school, while also partnering with universities for accreditation.



In 2019-20, GEMS students were involved in the UAE’s first Solve for Tomorrow contest by Samsung. Three teams from GEMS World Academy, Dubai were shortlisted – with one going to win grand prize. The contest challenged students to use their STEM skills to innovate a solution to a problem affecting their community. A multi-purpose vest developed by GEMS students that boasted built-in cooling pads to be used by manual workers to help maintain body temperature was unanimously selected as the winner.



In 2019, GEMS collaborated with e-commerce giant Noon on the “Future of e-commerce” challenge, in which GEMS students had the opportunity to visit Noon’s office and warehouse and hear from Noon representatives about the business. GEMS also partnered with Noon to present the “Noon Next Challenge”, part of GEMS’ 2019-20 edition of the annual Global Innovation Challenge.



GEMS collaborated with UAE bank Emirates NBD to bring the “Future of Digital Finance” challenge as a core component of the 2018-19 Global Innovation Challenge. The winner of the challenge received mentorship, an internship and product incubation from Emirates NBD.



Launched in 2018, the Future Scientists of the UAE programme has seen GEMS and Gulf Medical University (GMU) come together with the aim of creating a conducive environment for innovation and scientific research. The programme was conceived in line with the strategic initiatives of the Emirates Scientists Council. Through the programme, young GEMS scientists have the opportunity to learn under top GMU researchers and professors, gaining hands-on experience at the institution’s world- class research facility, The Thumbay Research Institute for Precision Medicine.