When choosing the right school, parents need to do their homework.

So much of what we communicate to parents is about promise, potential and the creation of the right environment for your child. But there is another subject which parents should study before making a choice. Simply, which university your child can expect to attend after GEMS. Well, this is the type of reading that makes homework a pleasure! We have students attending 983 leading tertiary education establishments around the world. At such legendary institutions as Oxford and Cambridge, which regularly produce prime ministers, captains of industry and philosophy giants. Or on the other side of the Atlantic at Harvard, Stanford and MIT,where the greatest economic and scientific thinkers have long been nurtured. GEMS’ boys and girls have found their place in these universities and others like them around the globe because their preparation ranked with the best available, anywhere.

This is an important distinction because we’re not comparing ourselves to other schools in the region. Our horizons stretch a little further than that. As do yours, when wanting the best for your children. You’ll forgive us if we sound boastful. But as parents, you understand the value of a little self-esteem. And it really is important that beyond our love of teaching and our caring environment, there’s hard evidence of personal fulfillment and happiness for your children.

So for your homework today, parents, we’d like you to learn more about
GEMS Education.

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