GEMS Education students show great resilience to achieve outstanding Grade 10 CBSE results

24/12/42 08:00:00 م

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Students attending CBSE curriculum schools across the GEMS Education network in the UAE have once again achieved outstanding results in their Board exams for Grade 10, with a 100% pass rate across the group.

With last-minute exam cancellations, uncertainty around alternative assessments and delays to the announcement of results, GEMS schools and students have demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination to succeed in the face of disruption.

Nargish Khambatta, Vice President – Education, GEMS Education and Principal, GEMS Modern Academy, said: “2021 will be forever etched in mankind’s collective memory. There was so much learning, beyond borders and beyond textbooks, and this batch of students will probably be able to handle whatever the future has in store for them. We are so proud of our children for having gone through all that they have with a quiet sense of fortitude and self-assurance. They deserve every accolade and then some more.

“Our teachers, supervisors and parents must be lauded for keeping up their children’s morale and helping them stay calm and focused despite what was happening around them. So many people have played an integral part in crafting the success stories during what has been a very interesting and very difficult year.”

CBSE Class 10 headline results

  •  A total of 2,666 Grade 10 pupils from 10 GEMS CBSE schools were assessed
  • All schools recorded an outstanding 100% pass rate
  • 31.77% of students scored above 90%
  • 16.62% of students scored between 85% and 90%
  • The overall average among GEMS students was 83.16%

The highest score among all GEMS students was 99.6%, achieved by Hessa Omar Malikka from GEMS Our Own Indian School, who said: “This year has been a total roller coaster. Being a board student, it was always a matter of concern that I was attending online classes. However, my teachers and my school did not let me feel the heavy tension.

“I’m forever grateful to my teachers for their immense dedication in not letting the standard of their classes drop, ensuring every student grasped concepts properly, and simply believing in us students. They never allowed us to be demotivated and gave us special training toward the end of the year, providing us with well organised resources. The only thing that pained me was that, after all this effort, we were unable to write the board exams.

“Nevertheless, the learning experience was enriching and I’m always happy to know that my parents, teachers and the school never fail to acknowledge my hard work.”

Lalitha Suresh, Principal of GEMS Our Own Indian School, said: “The year has been unprecedented and has required equally unprecedented efforts to bring out the best in everyone, especially our Grade 10 students who were appearing for their first CBSE Board examinations. The usual excitement and adrenaline rush before the examinations were rather subdued; however, on-campus examinations for three out of four assessments ensured maximum reliability. I thank my parents for supporting the endeavours of the school, ensuring their wards came to school to write these assessments, and for supporting them throughout the pandemic.

“I also salute my team of hard-working teachers and school leaders, who have ensured all internal assessments and all possible external examinations were conducted fairly and timely. And I congratulate all our students for their efforts and for achieving the desired outcomes, as always. My thanks also to the CBSE Board for being innovative even during trying times to ensure the process was fair for all students.”

GEMS Education toppers

  • Hessa Omar Malikka, GEMS Our Own Indian School (99.6%)
  • Harsh Harikumar Nair, The Millennium School – Dubai (99.4%)
  • Nishita Pravin Katepallewar, GEMS Our Own Indian School (99.0%)
  • Jeremy Cherian Philips, The Millennium School – Dubai (99.0%)

The Grade 10 results come hot on the heels of the CBSE Grade 12 results declared on 30 July, in which GEMS Education students performed equally well, once again raising the bar of academic excellence and demonstrating that the learning truly never stops, no matter what the challenges.

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