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Our international education footprint extends to 49 schools across the UAE, Qatar and Egypt, delivering a consistent, dynamic, high-quality education for every child

Seeing the Genius

Children that aspire to greatness can achieve amazing things. But identifying their genius early allows them to nurture that talent.

Find the Right School for Your Child

At GEMS Education, we are driven by a singular purpose, to put a quality education within the reach of every learner. With our vast network of schools across various locations and curricula, we can help you find the perfect school for your family. 

Hear from our Community

At GEMS Education we know learning doesn't just happen in classrooms, we provide a range of enrichment opportunities to nurture student interests and their development.

  • Saba Vaziri

    Year 13

    Jumeirah College, Dubai

    If a student is determined to achieve something, the teachers do whatever it takes to make it happen. If there is a will, there is always a way – that’s what the school encourages us to believe.

  • Tan Caner

    High School

    Dubai American Academy

    Being recognized, as part of the GEMS scholarship program, has encouraged me to continue to pursue excellence in both my academic and musical performance. To me, it was proof that my hard work and dedication will always help me achieve outstanding results.

  • Zahaan Hasham

    Grade 5

    Dubai American Academy

    I never get bored when coding; it keeps me occupied for hours! It’s really a lot of fun. It’s the language of the future. We are probably going to have tons of robots in the future and we will need to know how to use them.

  • DAA Soyeon

    Soyeon Park

    Year 10

    GEMS Dubai American Academy

    My teachers not only helped me learn the contents, but also became my mental supporters to whom I physically and emotionally rely a lot on. Their motivation always propels me to reach my potential as a student and as a person.

  • Sreekar Gudipati

    A -Level Student

    GEMS First Point School - The Villa

    FPS has been a home like no other to me. It’s a place that has made me who I am in a million different ways; has expedited my growth by giving me a plethora of opportunities to explore my academic and non-academic passions, and by offering an incredibly diverse landscape in which I have made lifelong friends, who I consider akin to family. It’s given me the confidence, skills and experience to go out into the world and make it my own, and I’ll forever be grateful to FPS.

  • Sagarika Sriram

    Year 9

    Jumeirah College

    An inspirational story of one individual sparking community involvement, Sagarika is a young changemaker demonstrating the power of passion and commitment in the face of humanity’s biggest challenge.

  • Sian Wilgoss

    Sian Willgoss

    Year 5

    GEMS World Academy,

    Besides preparing for her Grade 6 violin exam and Grade 7 piano exam at the GEMS Music Hub at GEMS World Academy - Dubai, Sian is learning to play cello and has an avid interest in playing the ukulele and drums. Music aside, she has enrolled with the Model UN and the GEMS World Academy - Dubai Swim Squad.

  • Sriram Family

    Grade 12

    GEMS American Academy, Qatar

    It is very important to us as parents that our child is part of a happy and vibrant learning community...I can still recall the excitement in Sagarika’s eyes at the Jumeirah College Open Day. The school encourages its students to develop a spirit of independence, and when Sagarika developed her website, while still a Year 7 student, Jumeirah College was quick to recognise her efforts and provide encouragement.

  • Barrett

    The Barrett Family

    Grade 12

    GEMS American Academy, Qatar

    Without a doubt the most outstanding education my son has received. GEMS American Academy, Qatar offer holistic development to equip our son to be the best he can be.

  • Shiju

    The Shiju Family

    Year 1

    GEMS Wellington School

    What stands out for me is how dedicated the teachers are to the progress of each student.

  • Hamadneh

    The Hamadneh Family

    KG 2

    GEMS American Academy, Qatar

    GAAQ focus on developing emotional, physical and critical thinking, creating a great foundation to excel in elementary.

  • Abraham

    The Abraham Family

    Year 13

    GEMS Wellington School, Qatar

    My son had gained confidence over the years and is a transformed young man now, ready to face the world.

  • Rohan Roberts

    Assistant Principal

    GEMS Wellington Academy, Al Khail

    I love the multicultural environment. The students are eager and motivated, the staff are friendly and supportive, and the leadership is kind, caring and future-focused.

  • Mark Lentz


    GEMS American Academy - Qatar

    Parents and guests so often comment on the warm and welcoming atmosphere that is so palpable the minute you come on campus. 

  • Mohammad Abusenenh

    Arabic Teacher

    GEMS Wellington International School

    Teaching is the most rewarding career. I enjoy watching my students grow and expand their knowledge every day, which creates a love and affection towards what I do.

  • Stuti Shindepatil

    Grade 5 Teacher

    GEMS Westminster School, RAK

    Every day there is a new learning, but a daily highlight for me is the response I get from the children and listening to them as their knowledge increases.

  • Alumni testimonials

    Alrajaby Siblings

    GEMS Westminster School

    One Family. Six Siblings. Years of Memories: 2005-2021.

    Hear the stories of some of our outstanding alumni, now succeeding in their lives and re-living their childhoods at GEMS Westminster School, Al Ghusais.

  • Azzan Farooq

    Azzan Farroq

    Class of 2017

    GEMS Al Khaleej International School

    If it wasn’t for my time at GEMS, I wouldn’t be where I am today in my design career today. The support I got from them accelerated my career by a decade.

    GEMS Grown Azzan Farooq tells us the thrilling story of his design career.

  • Aamir

    Aamir Hashmi

    Class of 2014

    GEMS Cambridge High School, Abu Dhabi

    If there’s something you’re never bored of doing, pursue it. At least try it. I’ve never seen my job as “work”, I see it as I’m being paid to do what I love and learn what I love.

    Aamir Hashmi's story from GEMS Cambridge High School to cooking in a Michelin 2-Star restaurant.

  • Adit

    Aadit Palicha

    Grade 12

    GEMS Modern Academy Dubai

    Since graduation, he has gone on to accomplish remarkable things, the latest of which is founding ‘Zepto’, a 10-minute grocery delivery app, already raising $60 million in funding.

The GEMS Difference

Personalised Learning

We believe every child has the potential to achieve extraordinary things given the freedom to explore, express and challenge themselves. Whether your child is sporty, musical, dramatic, competitive, curious or creative, there is something to provide a wealth of skills, experiences and opportunities. Students across our schools are encouraged to find an activity they like, apply and challenge themselves.

Look Beyond the Classroom
Preparing for the Future

We strongly believe in the importance of ensuring the education our students receive is relevant and therefore also useful. We think it’s essential that what they learn and experience in school fully prepares them for life beyond school, both in terms of careers and, more generally, the future – whatever may lie in store.

Explore Real World Specialisation

Just like you, we want the children in our care to be happy and to view and experience school as a safe space filled with discovery, opportunity and positive challenge. We firmly believe that happy students learn better, engaging in a more meaningful way, and thereby get the most out of their school experience. Which is why ensuring the all-round wellbeing and mental health of our pupils is one of our top priorities.

Explore Wellbeing
Student Experience

Studying at a GEMS school means being exposed to a multitude of inspiring, challenging, energising and rewarding learning experiences. Every day in school is an opportunity – be it in the classroom, in the science lab, on the sports field or on the stage. It’s the accumulation of all these opportunities that makes the GEMS student experience. 

Hear from our Students and Alumni
Family First

We are excited to announce our new initiative, aiming to strengthen family bonds, foster intergenerational learning, and combat issues such as loneliness, isolation, and depression. Education is a bridge that connects all generations and Family First fully embodies this concept as we aim to connect our families as they learn and grow together.

Learn more about Family First

GEMS in Numbers

GEMS Education is the largest operator of private education in the world. GEMS Education own, operate and manage schools globally and reach an international student audience of over 130,000.
Successful alumni around the world
World Class Curricula
Curricula that meet the educational needs of every child & world standards
Happy families under our care
leading the way by becoming the first school to introduce a parental engagement strategy into all our schools.
Years of Legacy
Our story began in 1959...
Teachers & school leaders
Employed from around the world
Universities acceptances
Our students are accepted into the very best & most exciting universities in the world
average IB pass rate across the network
Significantly above the world average of 85.2%
International students
With a range of broad, balanced curricula to meet the needs of every student

Supporting our Students & Families

We are always looking at ways we can evolve to ensure that we provide families with a quality education no matter what curricula or fee point.
  • Save on your fees

    As a GEMS parent, there are many ways you can save on your annual school tuition fees.

  • GEMS Rewards

    GEMS Rewards is an exclusive rewards programme for our community of students, parents and staff designed to make quality education accessible.

  • GEMS Ambassador Programme

    Our parent community are our best advocates and the Ambassador Programme is our way of saying thanks for playing an active role in our success.

  • GEMS for Life

    Support at every step, from high school to university and the world of work beyond, our mission is to open doors and facilitate success every step of the way. Because once a GEMS student, always a member of the GEMS family.

  • Scholarships

    We offer Academic Scholarships to students who have consistently placed at the top of their class in all their subjects for at least the last three years.

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