Top GEMS Schools in the UAE with Outstanding Sports Programmes

Feb 23,2024

Michael Jordan. LeBron James. Lionel Messi. Lisa Leslie. Venus and Serena Williams. These are the names of some of the most popular, hard-working and successful athletes people admire. These renowned sportspeople honed their skills and started getting recognised for their athletic prowess while they were still in school.

Sports instil essential life skills like teamwork, discipline, and leadership in children, helping them grow into well-rounded individuals. Additionally, engaging in athletic pursuits gives students the opportunity to build resilience and self-confidence, improves their focus and fosters a healthy competitive spirit.

These reasons highlight the importance of choosing the best school for sports in the UAE for your children, especially if they are interested and want to excel in this area.

GEMS schools in the UAE have exceptional athletic programmes that can play a pivotal role in shaping your child’s academic journey and overall success.

Competitive Swimming Student at GEMS Schools

GEMS Schools with the Best Sports Programmes

At GEMS Education, we are dedicated to fostering a well-rounded education for our students by actively supporting and promoting sports for children. We have several schools offering outstanding sports programmes, perfect for students of all ages and abilities. Many have even won awards over the past few years.

Below are some of the our top schools with impressive elite sports programmes:

1. GEMS Wellington Academy – Silicon Oasis

Located in Silicon Oasis, Dubai, GEMS Wellington Academy is one of the leading UAE schools offering sports programmes.

The school combines specialist teaching, first-class facilities, curricular and extracurricular activities to give students opportunities to participate and excel in sports and other programmes.

Learners from FS1 to Post-16 of WSO participate in various sports during curriculum lessons and extracurricular activities. Specialist teachers and coaches train and supervise the students as they participate in training and competitions.

The school’s core sports activities are:

  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Swimming

Badminton, gymnastics, handball, hockey, tennis, volleyball and other sports are also offered during certain terms.

Sports facilities here in WSO include:

  • Three large multipurpose sports halls
  • Two full-sized sports fields
  • Three 25-metre swimming pools
  • 100-metre sprint track

In addition, the school offers programmes on injury recovery, athlete welfare and nutritional advice. This allows students to expand their expertise, ensure they stay safe and get the most benefits from their athletic pursuits.

Because of its prestigious sports programme, GEMS Wellington Academy—Silicon Oasis was nominated for the ‘Best School for Sport’ category in the SchoolsCompared.com Awards 2019.

In the 2017 UAE Teen Awards, WSO’s Sports Development Academy (SDA), a two-tier youth development programme for the most talented athletes in Years 7 to 10, was recognised as the ‘Best Development Pathway within Education.’

2. GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail

GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail is another highly regarded sports academy in Dubai. The school provides students with opportunities to engage in sports competitively or for fun at a high level.

PE classes at the school give students the skills and confidence to pursue sports and motivate them to include exercise in their wellness routine. The school’s top sports are football and swimming, which are integrated into the curriculum. Students can learn about and try basketball, netball, rugby, athletics, and cricket as well.

Facilities at WEK include:

  • Two large indoor sports halls
  • Three swimming pools
  • Full football and rugby pitches
  • Basketball, netball and tennis courts
  • Climbing wall

This school is also known for the GEMS Wellington Performance Football Centre (WPFC), which provides budding footballers with a rounded, full-time student athlete programme. Meanwhile, the Swimming Centre of Excellence offers talented students the ideal environment to achieve academic excellence while honing their skills in swimming.

3. GEMS Metropole School - Motor City

Wellbeing sits at the heart of the GEMS Metropole School community. Offering an Active School initiative for all students, and an elite sports programme out of their High Performance Institute, it is a great option for sporty students. 

The cutting-edge sports curriculum at MTS focuses on the core pillars of Strength and Conditioning, Performance and Sports Nutrition, to create the very best programme for aspiring athletes.

Facilities at MTS include:

  • Tailored training programmes from specialist coaches. 

  • Nutrition Lab as a part of the PE curriculum & tailored nutrition plans.

  • InBody Scanners for body composition analysis.

  • Studios for Dance, Fitness, Reformer Pilates and more.

  • CrossFit and boxing zones.

  • Ice baths to promote physical recovery.

  • Sports Halls and astro turf for multi-purpose use.


GEMS Metropole School is a ground-breaking hub for athletic excellence, with their High Performance Institute aiming to nurture the sporting potential of all students and athletes.

4. GEMS World Academy – Dubai

Located in Al Barsha South, GEMS World Academy – Dubai is also one of the most well-known athletic schools in the UAE.

It provides sports programmes with professional coaching that encourage the maximum participation and performance of students. All activities ensure the participants learn the values of cooperation and fair play as well.

The school’s most popular sports are netball, football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, rugby and swimming. The facilities here include:

  • Multi-purpose sports field
  • 400-metre athletics track
  • Six-lane 50-metre outdoor heated swimming pool
  • 15-metre training pool
  • Sports hall
  • Outdoor tennis and netball courts

The academy participates in over 500 sports events every year. The school’s active participation and excellent track record resulted in its becoming a Centre of Excellence for Track and Field Athletics in 2021.

GEMS World Academy – Dubai also offers the Elite Athlete Programme for their high-performing young athletes.

5. GEMS American Academy – Abu Dhabi

The GEMS American Academy – Abu Dhabi has a comprehensive sports initiative that aims to enhance the physical, social and emotional growth of participating students. It emphasises the student’s participation in the early stages of the programme, which becomes more competitive as they progress from one level to the next.

Students can participate in the following sports:

  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Track and field
  • Badminton

As a leading sports academy in Abu Dhabi, this GEMS school has impressive athletic facilities, including the following:

  • A sports hall with two basketball courts
  • Two indoor swimming pools
  • Four full-sized, shaded tennis and basketball courts
  • Outdoor sports pitch
  • Running track
  • Fully equipped weight room

The school’s athletic programmes are designed to promote academic and athletic excellence and are overseen by highly qualified coaches and staff.

6. GEMS World Academy – Abu Dhabi

Located in Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, GEMS World Academy – Abu Dhabi features a curriculum emphasising the importance of sports in a student’s overall growth and development.

The academy also offers more than a hundred after-school activities, several of which are sports. It offers a variety of athletic activities, including:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Karate
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga

School sports facilities include the following:

  • Football pitch
  • 25-metre, six-lane swimming pool
  • Learner pool
  • Six-court multipurpose hall

Students playing football at GEMS School

Learning extends beyond the classroom in GEMS schools.

Since sports play a crucial role in enhancing your children’s physical, emotional, mental and social well-being, GEMS remains committed to ensuring students experience all the benefits of engaging in athletic pursuits.

Get in touch with our admissions teams to know more about our school sports programmes.