GEMS students, parents and teachers celebrate another year of excellent A-level results

17 August 2023

Students, parents, teachers, and staff across the GEMS Education network celebrated excellent A-level results in 2023, despite the widely publicised expectation that grades would be pushed back down to 2019 levels after teacher-assessed grades replaced exams during the Covid pandemic.

  • One in seven students achieved at least one A* grade.
  • 26% of grades were A* to A
  • 50% of grades were A* to B
  • 1,600+ students took 5,000+ A-levels

  • 2023 A-level Results

    National Curriculum for England 

    One in 7 students achieved at least one A* grade
    26% of grades were A*-A
    50% of grades were A*-B
    1,600+ students took 5,000+ A-levels
  • Dr Saima Rana

    Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education

    Our A-level students can look forward to bright futures filled with possibility as they now head to top universities around the world. We wish them well in their endeavours and look forward to following their success as they make their mark on the world.


More than 1,600 students from 20 GEMS schools in the UAE and Qatar completed over 5,000 A-level exams in 2023, with 24 per cent of entries achieving A* to A grades and almost half – 45 per cent – recording A* to B grades.

Standout achievements from across the GEMS group included GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail, where an incredible 21 per cent of the school’s 138 A-level entries were awarded the top A* grade.

GEMS Jumeirah College, which has a long and impressive history of achieving top exam results not only within the GEMS network but also in the UAE and globally, saw 42 per cent of its A-level entries record A* to A grades and 77 per cent A* to B.

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