• Sustainable Garden 

GEMS Our Own English School Boys, Sharjah

Our Own Sustainable garden

At OOB, we are committed to ingraining environmental awareness and action into the fabric of our school's life and values. This commitment is embraced by our students, teachers, non-teaching staff, and parents, making them active partners in our environmental endeavours.

One of our noteworthy initiatives is the organic garden. Through this, we have come to realize that successful gardening necessitates meticulous planning, creative problem-solving, and ingenuity. This experience instils a sense of self-sufficiency and imparts valuable lessons in self-sustainability.

As a community, we at OOB are resolute in our journey towards environmental excellence. Our collective efforts aim to create a healthier environment in which to learn and work, ensuring a brighter and sustainable future for all.

Say no to junk food ‘Wednesday’ – ‘Fruits for Fulfillment’

"A healthy lifestyle changes your mindset, attitude, and even your life." - Anonymous

Middle school students at our school were enthusiastic participants in the "Say No to Junk Food Wednesday" project, while the Student Council launched the "Fruits for Fulfillment" initiative. Both projects garnered positive reception from the entire school community because they promote good health and well-being. These initiatives reflect our commitment to fostering healthier habits and mindsets among our students.

Say no to plastic

By 2023, the OOB's sustainable plan seeks to eliminate 100% of all single-use plastic bottles (SUPB) on campus. At present 90% use of plastic bottles has been eliminated. The majority of students were aware of the benefits of bringing reusable water bottles to class, and 90 % of them agreed that doing so is better for the environment.

Every member of the support staff received a jute bag.

Aerators and Motion detectors

As part of our water-saving initiatives, we have successfully installed aerators on washbasin taps. This smart addition has resulted in a remarkable reduction in water consumption, slashing it by approximately 30%. We are proud to contribute to conserving this precious resource.

Motion detectors

Motion detectors have been strategically installed at all feasible locations throughout our facility to effectively reduce electricity consumption in our lighting system. This environmentally conscious measure helps conserve energy by ensuring that lights are only active when needed. The recently implemented Tridium Niagara control solution is playing a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and safety of our building. Furthermore, it is instrumental in achieving substantial energy savings, making our facility more sustainable and environmentally friendly.