Academic Excellence

We know that going to school is about much more than just academic performance; it’s about socializing, developing life skills and having fun. That said, we know it is still vitally important and that our students should have every opportunity to develop, and demonstrate, their full academic abilities. That’s why at GEMS, we enable all students to exercise and stretch their minds, to develop an appreciation of lifelong learning and to realise their full potential.

We achieve academic excellence through a combination of the best-qualified and most inspiring teachers, and the implementation of the most effective teaching methods. The success of our approach is reflected not only in the exceptional academic results achieved, but also in the personal fulfilment and pride of all GEMS students.

Strong results were shown across all curricula:

  • 2023 A-level Results

    National Curriculum for England 

    One in 7 students achieved at least one A* grade
    26% of grades were A*-A
    50% of grades were A*-B
    1,600+ students took 5,000+ A-levels
  • Dr Saima Rana

    Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education

    Our A-level students can look forward to bright futures filled with possibility as they now head to top universities around the world. We wish them well in their endeavours and look forward to following their success as they make their mark on the world.

  • 2022 IBDP Results

    97% average pass rate across the network, significantly above the world average of 85.2%
    35.2% point average across the GEMS network of schools, outperforming averages across the world and the UAE

  • 2021 ICSE & ISC

    ICSE scores averaged 93.7% with 99.6% of students scoring 80% and above.
    ISCE scores average 93.8% with 55% of students scoring 95% and above.

  • 2021 National Curriculum for England 


    2,971 students received 22,100 IGCSE & GCSE results
    89% of entries attained 9-4 (A* - C) grades.
  • National Curriculum for England (2021)

    A levels

    980 students completed over 2,900 A Levels
    35% of entries attained A* grade.

More to Explore

  • Great teachers inspire great students. That's why from simple roots in a family of teachers, GEMS Education is an international company with a mission to provide quality education to all.

  • What’s an education if it doesn’t teach fundamental human values? Values that, in the words of GEMS Founder Sunny Varkey, “will guide students through life”, allowing them to live happy, fulfilling and meaningful lives and have a positive impact on society and the world.

  • We believe every child has the potential to achieve extraordinary things given the freedom to explore, express and challenge themselves.

  • Support at every step, from high school to university and the world of work beyond, our mission is to open doors and facilitate success every step of the way.

  • We think it’s essential that what students learn and experience in school fully prepares them for life beyond school, both in terms of careers and the future

  • All our schools are 100 per cent inclusive. Always. That means no one is ever turned away, no matter what their unique individual needs.

  • Just like you, we want the children in our care to be happy and to view and experience school as a safe space filled with discovery, opportunity and positive challenge. We firmly believe that happy students learn better, engaging in a more meaningful way, and thereby get the most out of their school experience.

  • All GEMS Education staff have a responsibility to ensure the welfare of our students at all times and this duty of care to students is paramount.

  • Through continuous research, design, and prototyping of new educational ecologies and emerging technologies, GEMS Education aims to redefine learning and schooling to meet the inter-connected societies of the future.

  • 97% average pass rate across the network, significantly above the world average of 85.2%
    35.2% point average across the GEMS network of schools, outperforming averages across the world and the UAE

Our international education footprint extends to 49 schools across the UAE, Qatar and Egypt, delivering a consistent, dynamic, high-quality education for every child.
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