Learning Environments

Through continuous research, design, and prototyping of new educational ecologies and emerging technologies, GEMS Education aims to redefine learning and schooling to meet the inter-connected societies of the future.

  • Enriching Experiences

    Outside our classrooms, GEMS students are engaged in a diverse and rich selection of extended curricular activities. Each GEMS school offers a range of activities for students to choose from - and even some that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Performing & Creative Arts

    When a GEMS student steps on stage, you'll see them involved in a whole spectrum of performing and creative arts. Dance, theatre, performance, music. Take a look at how we nurture energetic creativity in GEMS Schools.
  • Science & Digital Technology

    Technology, like science, inspires GEMS students to think and form questions based on what they see and learn. Computer clubs, coding classes and digital literacy skill sessions. With enriching activities offered in all GEMS Schools, we're developing the digital innovators and technology experts of tomorrow
  • Sports & Adventures

    When GEMS students step outside their classroom, you'll see them involved in whole spectrum of sport and adventure experiences. Team sports, individual sports and adventures with memories that will last their lifetime.

Learning Anywhere

We firmly believe the best place for students – for their learning, social development and wellbeing – is in the classroom, in school. But we also know that, for any number of reasons, that’s not always possible. So, whether they are in school, at home, on the road or anywhere else for that matter, our students should be able to continue to learn and make progress, connect with their teachers and peers, and access all the learning resources they need. That’s why all our schools are equipped with the very best technology tools, systems and solutions to ensure the children in our care never stop learning no matter what the situation. It’s why we’ve been investing in EdTech for years and why we were ideally placed to meet the challenges of the global pandemic head on. In fact, our remote learning provision has been awarded the highest rating by the UAE education authorities’ E-learning inspections, with all our inspected schools given the top rating of ‘Developed’ across all phases of learning. During the pandemic, our students successfully completed over 28 million remote learning sessions, with a student satisfaction rating of 96%. We hope we’re never again forced to switch to remote learning under such grave circumstances, but it’s reassuring to know that if the necessity arises, we’ll be ready to do so at the drop of a hat.

More to Explore

  • Great teachers inspire great students. That's why from simple roots in a family of teachers, GEMS Education is an international company with a mission to provide quality education to all.

  • What’s an education if it doesn’t teach fundamental human values? Values that, in the words of GEMS Founder Sunny Varkey, “will guide students through life”, allowing them to live happy, fulfilling and meaningful lives and have a positive impact on society and the world.

  • Going to school is about more than just academic performance; it’s about socialising, collaborating, developing life skills, growing as a person, expanding horizons and having fun. 

  • We believe every child has the potential to achieve extraordinary things given the freedom to explore, express and challenge themselves.

  • Support at every step, from high school to university and the world of work beyond, our mission is to open doors and facilitate success every step of the way.

  • We think it’s essential that what students learn and experience in school fully prepares them for life beyond school, both in terms of careers and the future

  • All our schools are 100 per cent inclusive. Always. That means no one is ever turned away, no matter what their unique individual needs.

  • Just like you, we want the children in our care to be happy and to view and experience school as a safe space filled with discovery, opportunity and positive challenge. We firmly believe that happy students learn better, engaging in a more meaningful way, and thereby get the most out of their school experience.

  • All GEMS Education staff have a responsibility to ensure the welfare of our students at all times and this duty of care to students is paramount.

Our international education footprint extends to 49 schools across the UAE, Qatar and Egypt, delivering a consistent, dynamic, high-quality education for every child.
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