Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development allows every human being to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values necessary to shape a sustainable future.

Education for Sustainable Development requires far-reaching changes in the way education is often practiced today. GEMS Education believes that Sustainability Education or ESD is essential to transform the next generation into eco-conscious, self-sustaining global citizens, who understand the urgency of environmental responsibility. Although there is no ‘universally correct’ pedagogical approach to facilitate ESD in the classroom, GEMS schools realize that the best way to do so is by shifting toward teaching-learning methods that are reflective, critical, active, participative, collaborative, experiential, and inquiry-driven. The hope and aim of these pedagogical approaches are that they will motivate and empower the learner to change their behaviour and consequently make a real difference in their understanding, thinking and ability to act.

Education for Sustainability Development GEMS Education, in addition to the above-mentioned pedagogical approaches, is facilitated through striving for ‘Green Growth Statistics’ in the operations and management of schools, meticulously curated ‘Climate Literacy Lesson Plans’, well-defined local and global community-driven ‘Sustainability Initiatives’ and, purpose-driven international ‘Climate Change Conferences and Events’.

CEO Message - World Education Summit

Hear from the people involved:

  • Ranjani Ramnath Sharm

    GEMS Legacy School, Dubai
    "GGA to me is the humanitarian movement fueled by the concept of "ability" in sustainable practices, that values what we possess and what we give back. In addition to awareness, we have attained the pinnacle of action in order to achieve this equilibrium that we bring to planet earth."
  • Amarnath Sreevalsan

    GEMS Our Own English – Boys’ – Sharjah
    "Let’s go green to make this earth a sustainable place to live.”
  • Annamma Lucy

    GEMS Our Own English – Boys’ – Sharjah
    GEMS Global Ambassadors are here to spread smiles working hand in hand with you.”
  • Hiba Habeebulla

    Teacher Ambassador, GEMS Winchester School, Dubai
    "The GGA has not only created opportunities for students to interact with their wider community, but has built a strong hope of oneness to sustain any challenge that come may." #leavenoonebehind #togetherwecan
  • Niharika Arvind

    Student Ambassador, GEMS Winchester School, Dubai
    "Every action taken by the UN is centred around one idea: ‘leave no one behind’. The GGA Society has wonderfully modelled this idea and inspires us to do the same. "
  • Nathalie Boyer-Castle

    GEMS Wellington Academy, Silicon Oasis
    "GGA allows us to come together with like-minded and passionate people with the same vision and aims; we all want to empower each other, our students and school communities to take action to improve our sustainable practices and show the world how challenging ourselves through collaboration, not competition, can drive the changes we need to see in the world”

GEMS Students on Sustainability

  • Green Growth Statistics

    Education for sustainability coupled with good estate management of schools leads to ‘Energy Efficient Schools’

  • Climate Literacy Lessons

    Education for Sustainable Development means including key sustainable development issues in teaching and learning; for example, climate change, disaster risk reduction, biodiversity, poverty reduction, and sustainable consumption.

  • Sustainable Initiatives

    GEMS Global Ambassadors’ Society (GGA) is a global collaborative community, founded in the year 2021 and has student and teacher ambassadors from 50 schools across 15 countries.

  • Sustainability Events

    Explore current sustainability events taking place.

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