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GEMS Al Khaleej International School

Simply Bottles (DGrade):

For the past two years, Al Khaleej International School has been collaborating closely with Simply Bottles, a partnership that has yielded significant results. Representatives from Simply Bottles have been an integral part of our school community, frequently engaging with our students during assemblies to impart valuable lessons on recycling and the pivotal role it plays in our environment. These sessions have also highlighted how

DGrade utilizes the collected bottles to create various clothing items.

Here are the noteworthy achievements for Term 1, Academic Year 2022 - 2023:

  • Secured the 2nd Place in bottle collection for Term 1.
  • Distinguished as the first school to collect a remarkable 5,000 plastic bottles.

Moving on to Term 3, Academic Year 2022 - 2023, we continued our dedicated efforts:

  • Achieved an impressive 2nd Place in bottle collection, competing against a total of 70 schools.
  • Claimed the 1st Place for the Most Plastic Collected throughout the entire Academic Year.

These achievements stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and recycling, reinforcing the positive impact we can collectively make in our community and beyond.

DULSCO Recycling Bus – Collection Drive

We've successfully organized two Recycling Collection Drives in collaboration with DULSCO and their Recycling Bus. During these events, students from all phases of our school community actively participated by bringing in their recyclable materials. One of these notable drives took place on November 11th, 2022, followed by another one on the 28th of April 2023, when the entire school came together for a Whole School Recyclable Collection Drive. These initiatives underscore our collective commitment to environmental responsibility and the promotion of recycling practices.

Scuba Diving Club - Cleaning the Arabian Gulf.

Yousef Ali, a Year 10 student at GEMS AKIS, has taken it upon himself to embark on a noble mission: cleaning up the Arabian Gulf. During his weekends, Yousef dedicates his time to meticulously combing the waters for debris that poses a threat to the environment and its inhabitants. In a poignant interview, Yousef vividly conveyed the profound sadness he experienced upon stumbling upon a turtle skull entangled in one of the discarded nets he had rescued from the ocean. We extend our heartfelt admiration to Yousef for his unwavering dedication to safeguarding the natural beauty of his homeland.

Termly Clean-up Campaign @ Mushrif Park

The school has a dedicated group known as the Environmental Ambassadors. They diligently organize a clean-up campaign at Mushrif Park every term, providing students with a valuable opportunity to actively engage in efforts to enhance our environment. These experiences allow students to witness firsthand how they can make a tangible difference in making our environment a better place. Through these initiatives, students gain a deeper understanding of the impact they can have and the positive influence they wield in nurturing and preserving our natural surroundings.

UNCC Courses for teachers – In the works

The Director of Curriculum and Academic Standards, who also serves as the School's Professional Development Leader, is actively engaged in the effort to schedule UN CC:

Learn courses for teachers as part of our professional development calendar in the months to come.

GEMS Global Ambassador

Plant a Legacy (PAL) Event by ALMOE - March 14, 2023:

  • The Plant a Legacy (PAL) campaign represents our collective commitment to environmental sustainability within the GEMS community, complementing the waste management initiatives we have recently initiated. This event offers a remarkable opportunity for us to collaborate in enhancing our environment. PAL, in partnership with ALMOE as the organizing body, generously provides us with 500 Damas saplings. Additionally, Tadweer, in cooperation with PAL, has offered a location for planting these saplings at their waste treatment centre in Warsan.
  • PAL at Tadweer Waste Management Centre - May 15, 2023:
  • Mark your calendars for PAL at Tadweer Waste Management Centre, scheduled for May 15, 2023, from 9 AM to 9:30 AM. This event presents an outstanding chance for your school to make a positive environmental impact and demonstrate your unwavering commitment to raising awareness within the community.
  • As members of the GGA, we strongly encourage you to host Families Week at your respective schools. During May 15th to 18th, 2023, extend an open invitation to parents to join in planting trees/saplings and fostering greater community awareness towards building a greener and more sustainable future for all.


Kiswa specializes in offering comprehensive environmental solutions aimed at mitigating the risks associated with textile waste in the GCC region. Our primary goal is to safeguard the well-being of individuals and uphold the sustainability of environmental resources for communities.

Within the GEMS network, AKIS stands out as one of the select schools that actively participate in our textile waste collection initiative. Throughout the year, students at AKIS generously contribute to this cause by utilizing collection boxes conveniently placed within the school premises.

One remarkable achievement worth noting is the substantial collection made on April 28th. On this date, the school collected an impressive total of 2,658 pieces of clothing, amounting to 531.5 kilograms. This noteworthy contribution exemplifies our shared commitment to reducing textile waste and promoting sustainability within our community.

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