• Eco Garden
  • Eco Textile Centre

GEMS Dubai American Academy

DAA Eco - Garden


  • to create a community, organic garden; encouraging a holistic learning space that is at one with nature
  • to foster a social and emotional place for well-being
  • to educate the community about sustainability and eco practices


The garden was constructed by a student-led eco team. A variety of plants were grown and produce was given to support staff. The area was also used as a living classroom space and chess games took place at break times.


In the next school year, the garden will be extended and lessons (already in the curriculum) will be developed and implemented across the school; encouraging a whole eco community that is organic, sustainable and holistic. We will also be working towards the International Green Flag Award.

DAA MESAC -Eco Textile Art


  • To create eco textile workshops for visiting global art students
  • To use the eco garden as a collaborative learning space that fosters physical interaction with nature and promotes wellbeing

Implementation: MESAC (Middle east South Asia Conference)

We created eco workshops to promote sustainability and an understanding of using organic, natural produce to create art forms that allows for an understanding of the social and ecological impact of natural dyes.


Through art projects, students were immersed in nature and had opportunities to learn about sustainable dyes; allowing students to see beyond current synthetic practices to a natural alternative and greener future.