• Desert Clean-ups

GEMS Founders School

Desert clean-ups

GEMS Founders School actively participates in beach and desert clean-up initiatives. One notable event that the students and staff attended was the Al Qudra desert clean-up organized by Dgrade. These efforts reflect her dedication to environmental conservation and her commitment to keeping natural landscapes clean and free from pollution.


Pen collection for recycling

The students and staff of GEMS Founders School took the initiative to collect used pens for recycling, not only as a responsible environmental action but also as part of a house competition. This creative approach encouraged student involvement and further promoted recycling within the school community. Her efforts showcase her commitment to sustainability and her ability to engage her peers in eco-friendly initiatives.

Recycle in-house … Create less waste

GEMS Metropole School played a vital role in its efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling. Its contributions included obtaining more bins, initiating composting programs, and assigning eco-warriors to assist with cleanup after break times. Additionally, the school actively participated in waste management and recycling workshops conducted by GEMS and Emeraude. Its dedication to environmental sustainability demonstrates its commitment to making the school a more eco-friendly and responsible institution.