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GEMS International School, Al Khail

All-school paper recycling

Our students have taken the lead in an initiative to recycle all old notebooks, papers, and textbooks. They have successfully collected over 3,400 kilograms of paper before the summer break. This project is ongoing, and we are collaborating with RECAPP's services to ensure its continuity and success.

Re-usable cups for coffee at Slices

The canteen has introduced reusable cups for our staff, with the aim of reducing the use of paper cups that come with non-recyclable plastic lids. This initiative is designed to promote sustainability by eliminating the need for disposable cups and non-recyclable components.

In-school art exhibitions throughout the year

Throughout the year, we host art exhibitions showcasing our students' creative works across the school. In the current year, we have placed a stronger emphasis on recycled and upcycled art projects within the school community. These innovative art pieces were even submitted to a competition organized by DGrade in June 2023, and we are thrilled to share that our school received the runner-up position in this prestigious competition.

Stationery drive with DGrade and Simply Bottles

A stationery drive was launched by DGrade/Simply Bottles in partnership with BIC in order for people to get rid of empty/used pens and markers. The school and staff were actively involved with this initiative.