• Eco Market

Jumeirah Primary School

Recycling of paper and plastic

At GEMS Jumeirah Primary School, GreenBox and Simply Bottles are utilized as part of their waste recycling initiatives. These platforms assist the school in effectively managing and recycling waste, aligning with its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Recycling ‘House’ competitions and drives

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School organizes recycling "House" competitions and drives in collaboration with external companies. These initiatives encourage students to actively participate in recycling efforts and promote sustainability within the school community.

Integrating the SDGs into the curriculum

GEMS Metropole School has integrated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into its curriculum. Students from all year groups have formulated pledges dedicated to specific SDGs that they will focus on throughout the term. This approach ensures that SDGs become an integral part of their learning journey.

JPS Eco Market

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School organized its inaugural JPS Eco Market in October 2022, which garnered significant success. The event featured numerous local sustainable businesses and engaging activities facilitated by the school's Eco Leader students, making it a memorable and impactful occasion.