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GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai

Initiative 1 – Project CARTA

The primary objective of GEMS Modern Academy is to actively champion paper recovery through recycling, aiming to become the foremost contributor to this noteworthy cause. Our school community, including parents and students, participates by depositing newspapers, magazines, old books, and loose sheets into designated collection boxes strategically positioned across different locations for convenient access. The accumulated paper is generously donated to the Environmental Education Group (EEG). We are proud to share that our commitment to paper recycling has earned us recognition as one of the top 10 paper recycling schools in 2023.

Initiative 2: Biofuel for buses

Neutral Fuels specializes in the transformation of used oil, sourced from restaurants and other establishments, into a viable vehicle fuel. In pursuit of expanding their mission and raising awareness, they have forged a strategic partnership with STS (School Transport Services) with the ambitious goal of transitioning all diesel-powered buses to those running on neutral fuel. Leading the charge in this transformative endeavour is GEMS Modern Academy, which has fully embraced this initiative.

Based on meticulous calculations conducted by the dedicated team at Neutral Fuels, it is projected that Modern Academy's buses will result in a substantial environmental impact. These conversions are estimated to save approximately 47,000 litres of fuel annually, significantly reducing our carbon footprint by lowering emissions by an impressive 25,000 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide when compared to their diesel counterparts.

Initiative 3 – GYF (Grow your food campaign)

Aligned with the overarching vision of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the forward-thinking vision of the UAE Ministry of State for Food and Water Security, GEMS Modern Academy initiated the "Grow Your Own Food" program in 2014, marking the inception of our organic farming initiative. As we continually evolve, we have expanded our efforts to include cutting-edge aeroponics technology alongside our traditional farming practices within our serene meditation garden.

This program serves as a multifaceted platform, fostering the development of 21st-century skills and employability among our students while prioritizing environmental sustainability and personal well-being. Our students actively engage in every facet of this hands-on experience, from the preparation of the soil and the planting of seeds to the attentive nurturing and eventual bountiful harvest of crops. Furthermore, our commitment extends to the Culinary Club, where students transform organically grown, in-season produce into delectable meals, further reinforcing the vital connection between sustainable agriculture and nourishing lifestyles. Seeds and seedlings of 34 different varieties, were an active part of the growth cycle.

Initiative 4 – REVIVE

The Revive Project is a continuous electronic waste management and repurposing initiative, welcoming electronic devices that may have reached the end of their usefulness for community members. Our dedicated team meticulously erases all data from these donated devices, getting them ready for a new, meaningful purpose. Devices that cannot be repurposed are responsibly and environmentally disposed of through our recycling partners.

Since its inception in 2017, the Revive Project has successfully repurposed a significant number of electronic devices, including 95 laptops, 16 tablets, and 125 mobile phones. Furthermore, we have conscientiously managed and disposed of nearly 2.5 tons of electronic waste, making a significant contribution to environmental sustainability.

Initiative 5 – GREEN CYCLE

The Green Cycle Drive is an initiative initiated by environmentally conscious groups known as PODs. These PODs have organized a series of impactful events, including recycling drives and park clean-ups. To instil sustainable habits within our community, we have diligently executed a sequence of events. This included three beach clean-ups in May, September, and December 2021, a recycling drive in August 2021, three park clean-ups in October 2021, and a desert clean-up in February 2022.

After completing these events, our dedicated volunteers convened at the Karama Recycling Centre to ensure that the collected waste was appropriately recycled. This collaborative effort spanned two days, on the 7th and 8th of May. The result of these remarkable endeavours is a testament to the commitment of our students: they successfully collected and recycled more than 9,600 kilograms of waste over 40 days.A group of people standing in front of a pile of black bags.

Initiative 6 – Climate Dialogues

The UN CC: Learn Youth Climate Dialogue with international schools follows a structured agenda that encompasses various key topics. These include:

  • Understanding Climate Change: This segment utilizes multimedia tools, such as posters and other media, to elucidate the concept of climate change.
  • Impacts of Climate Change: Participants delve into the localized effects of climate change, focusing on their respective countries and local case studies.
  • Actions at School and Country Levels: The dialogue explores the actions being undertaken at both the school and national levels to combat climate change.
  • SDGs and the Paris Agreement: Discussions revolve around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement, providing insights into their significance and implementation.
  • Escalating Climate Change Challenges: A critical examination of why climate change management is deteriorating over time, including the impact of nuclear activities in regions like the Arctic and other global areas.
  • Current Hazardous Events: Participants engage in discussions about the most recent and severe environmental events occurring worldwide, shedding light on their implications and responses.
  • Conclusion and Reflection: The dialogue concludes with reflections on the key takeaways and insights gained during the discussion.

These carefully curated topics generate substantial interest among the participants, fostering a comprehensive understanding of climate change and its far-reaching implications.

Teacher Ambassador – Anju Shajan

Quote – “ Every little step counts “


Student Ambassador – Prasanna Adhithya Balagopal A person in a suit and tie