• Trail Blaze

GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai

One Root, One Communi-Tree Project

GEMS Our Own English High School joined the 'One Root, One Communi-Tree Project,' successfully collecting recyclables. Our efforts earned us the opportunity to plant three trees. The Head of Primary, Ms. Jayasree Jayachandran, personally planted these trees in Ras Al Khaimah.

EEG (Emirates Environmental Group) Re-New the World Water Challenge Students at the school were tasked with choosing a water-related issue and developing an innovative solution. This initiative, organized by EEG and Water Alliance, saw Sinchana Hiremath from Grade 10 emerge as the winner. Sinchana proudly represented the UAE in Stockholm, Sweden, showcasing her innovative solution to the global water challenge.

Primary Patch

The school's activities encompass a range of environmentally conscious efforts. In the Eco Club for primary students, activities involve sowing and harvesting. Additionally, students take part in crafting paper bags and selling the produce from the Primary Patch, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Rags to Bags

The primary school initiated an awareness campaign to educate students about the harmful effects of plastic bags. They also conducted workshops to teach students how to make simple cloth bags as eco-friendly alternatives. To engage parents, a competition was organized, challenging them to create the most innovative cloth bags. The winners received certificates as recognition for their creative contributions to reducing plastic waste.

Trail Blaze

‘Trail Blaze’ was a sustainability project undertaken by students in Grades 2, 3, and 4, focusing on the research and experimentation of sustainable clothing practices.

Innovation projects on sustainability – Greenager and Tree o’clock

Greenager is dedicated to combatting climate change by promoting sustainable practices, particularly in reducing plastic usage and adopting eco-friendly alternatives.

As part of their efforts, students actively participated in the Tree o'clock initiative. During the second plantation drive in Sharjah on January 29, 2023, they successfully planted around 35 Ghaf saplings. This was followed by another plantation event in Dubai where 16 saplings were planted, marking the first step in their commitment to environmental conservation.

The school’s primary students celebrated Environment Week from 29th May to 2nd June, 2023 engaging in a variety of activities aimed at inspiring earth-friendly practices. The theme for Environment Week was ‘Solutions to Plastic Pollution!!’ The focus was addressing and finding solutions to the pressing issue of plastic pollution under the hashtag #BeatPlasticPollution.

Students were enthusiastically encouraged to actively take part in these activities, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility. They also had the opportunity to share their experiences with both their peers and teachers, promoting a collective commitment to sustainability.


What goes into your dustbin goes into a landfill. Filter and segregate the waste at home. Identify a recycle bin close to your house and discard the waste accordingly.

Zero Waste Day

Plan the day to make sure you waste nothing. No leftovers in your tiffin box or at home. Take only that you can finish. Do not waste water. Left over water in the bottle can quench the thirst of a plant. Am I wasting electricity today? Can I take the stairs today instead of using a lift? (at least two floors)

Choose to Refuse

Say 'No' to single use plastics. Let us practice 'No Plastic Week' carry your own water bottle, cutlery or drink your favourite milkshake, chocolate milk etc without the straw.

Nature Buddy

Can you grow an indoor plant? Pick your favourite plant and take care of it. See if you can use an empty yoghurt cup or any other plastic container to grow nature’s goodness!!

Create - Piece of Art!

Create an art piece with used water bottles. Enjoy the family time! You may submit the project by June 12, 2023. Innovative project will be awarded.