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GEMS Wellington International School

Next Gen World Majlis

Four students represented WIS at the Next Gen World Majlis students were selected based on their audio response to one of the following briefs:

  • What are your hopes for COP28?
  • What frustrates you the most about the current global response to climate action?
  • If you could speak to all world leaders at COP28, what would be your message?
  • How effective are COP conferences? Could they be done differently?

Congratulations to our shortlisted representatives:

  • Ryaan Datta
  • Elysia Page
  • Aleksandra Wiacek
  • Ragaa Abdalbary

Round 1 included guest speaker Sara Shatila - United Nations Communications and Advocacy Manager for the UAE. Students had the opportunity to ask questions and then participated in a quiz.

Ragaa Abdalbary was selected to progress to Round 2 on the 2nd November. An incredible achievement. 120 students attended Round 1 and only 20 are selected to progress to Round 2. During Round 2 students will delve deeper into the Sustainable Development Goals and participate in a Climate Fresk. Only ten students will move to Round 3 based on their active involvement and collaboration. We wish Ragaa all the best in Round 2.