• Climate Literacy

GEMS World Academy, Dubai

Energy conservation 

GWA has established a valuable partnership with EP&T Global to drive energy conservation efforts through intelligent monitoring and the development of best practices for energy conservation. Since its implementation in October 2021, GWA has achieved an impressive average savings of 31% in electricity consumption. For more details, please refer to the attached presentation.

Waste Recycling

GWA has taken significant steps toward responsible waste management. We have installed waste stream bins to facilitate waste segregation at the source. Additionally, we have separate bins dedicated to collecting paper waste and plastic waste. These materials are then collected by a recycling company regularly.

To ensure effective waste segregation and handling, all our support team members have received training from DULSCO. Our primary objective is to reduce the amount of waste sent to general landfills and increase the quantity of recyclable materials, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to waste management.


GWA is further expanding its sustainability efforts by partnering with DGRADE for the recycling of plastic bottles. To facilitate this initiative, plastic bottle bins have been strategically placed at various locations throughout the building. This collaboration underscores our commitment to responsible waste management and reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste.


GWA has taken proactive steps to address electronic waste (e-waste) by installing dedicated e-waste collection bins. This initiative ensures that electronic devices are not mixed with general waste and do not end up in landfills. The collected e-waste is responsibly managed through a partnership with FIXERMAN, which handles the proper recycling and disposal of these electronic materials. This approach aligns with our commitment to environmentally conscious waste management practices.

Climate Literacy

As part of the GEMS group initiative, GWA has implemented UNCC Climate science training for all teachers. Our goal is to ensure that all teachers complete this training by the end of June 2023. This commitment reflects our dedication to equipping our educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to address climate science and environmental issues effectively.

Food Waste Management

GWA is actively engaged in discussions with WINNOW, leaders in food waste management, to establish a partnership for managing the food waste generated from our in-house kitchen. As part of this initiative, the GWA canteen will be equipped with interactive smart bins that can detect the type of food being wasted and the reasons behind the wastage. This data will be invaluable in streamlining our processes to minimize food wastage, aligning with our commitment to reducing food waste and promoting sustainable practices.