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Our Own English High School Al Ain

Gift a Legacy

In an inspiring display of environmental consciousness, students initiated a heartfelt endeavour towards sustainability by gifting plants to their teachers and peers. This unique "Gift a Legacy" activity not only cultivated camaraderie among students but also encouraged a greener way of life. By choosing potted plants over conventional gifts, students conveyed a powerful message of nurturing and growth, both on a personal level and for our planet. This thoughtful gesture planted the seeds of responsibility and care, leaving behind a lasting legacy for generations to come.  

E-waste Collection and campaign

Driven by a profound awareness of the dangers associated with electronic waste, a proactive group of students from our school took the initiative to launch an E-Waste campaign. Through a series of awareness drives, workshops, and the establishment of collection centres, they mobilized their fellow students, teachers, and the local community to responsibly dispose of electronic devices. This campaign not only addressed the e-waste issue but also instilled a profound sense of environmental stewardship among the younger generation. Their endeavours stand as a compelling testament to the idea that small actions can yield substantial positive impacts on our planet.

Upcycled Waxy Bags to Shopping bags

Confronting the issue of plastic pollution head-on, a group of resourceful students brilliantly repurposed discarded waxy bags into reusable shopping bags. These enterprising eco-entrepreneurs went beyond just crafting these bags; they distributed them to local markets ("bakhalas"). Through this endeavour, the students not only curtailed the use of single-use plastics but also encouraged the community to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. This remarkable initiative not only highlighted the power of creative material repurposing but also illustrated the far-reaching impact of mindful, environmentally-conscious actions.

Waste segregation

Waste sorting is a vital process where waste is segregated into distinct categories. At our school, we have taken the proactive step of implementing waste separation for various elements, including plastic bottles, food waste, electronic waste, and more. This initiative plays a crucial role in promoting responsible waste management and environmental sustainability within our community.