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The Westminster School, Dubai

Thrift for Good at TWS- Clothes Collection

The primary objective was to work towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while nurturing moral values, which serve as the foundation of education and constitute one of the four pillars of the U.A.E. As part of this endeavour, the aim was to ensure that underprivileged communities gained access to clothing. This mission commenced by encouraging individuals to declutter their wardrobes and generously donate their used clothes. The school's concerted efforts made a significant impact, preventing nearly 687 kilograms of clothing items from meeting their fate in landfills. In addition to this environmental benefit, thesecontributions enabled the provision of education for 21 children for an entire year. C:\Users\marshanil.s_tws\OneDrive - GEMS Education\Desktop\TWS 2022-23\CLIMATE CHANGE 22-23\Thrift for Good- clothes collection drive 10th Jan to 10th Feb\Westminster School Impact Certificate.pngBy doing so, our initiative aligned with multiple SDGs, notably SDG1 (No Poverty), SDG5 (Gender Equality), SDG10 (Reduced Inequalities), SDG12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), SDG13 (Climate Action), and SDG17 (Partnership for the Goals). This holistic approach not only addressed poverty, gender equality, and inequality but also promoted responsible consumption, environmental sustainability, and global collaboration toward shared goals. T4G Video Link: https://gemsedu-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/p/marshanil_s_tws/El9idUAjWdxIrxdtRJEtgrgBIaK1TnVDkLqXJYb1AVK0sw?e=eTcstD

INITIATIVE 2 Green Consortium- Sustainable Business Solution Inter-School Competition, 2022-23

The TWS initiative known as the 'Green Consortium' is an interschool competition focused on sustainable business solutions. This competition brought together 13 teams from various schools, each presenting models and prototypes that integrated multiple Sustainable Development Goals, the Net Zero 2030 objectives, and the COP28 agenda. A distinguished panel of judges evaluated the teams across different categories, including Best Pitch, Best Sustainable Solution, Best Community Development Project, Best Business Proposal, and the coveted Green Consortium Award. Additionally, the event featured a 'Junk Couture' exhibition, highlighting the creativity of students and promoting the principles of reuse, reduction, and recycling. This initiative served as a powerful catalyst for fostering awareness and instilling confidence in the next generation of environmental leaders. It underscored the notion that young individuals possess the capability to champion the cause of climate change mitigation through innovative and sustainable solutions.

INITIATIVE 3 Eco- Gardening at TWS- Carrot Cultivation

The Westminster School, Dubai embarked on a mission to raise awareness about sustainability, promote responsible consumption, and reduce waste by undertaking a carrot cultivation project. Through meticulous planning and careful documentation of the cultivation process, the school achieved a bountiful harvest within a mere five-month period. This initiative involved students actively participating in propagating carrot tops, imparting essential lessons on self-sufficiency and the art of composting kitchen waste to enrich the soil. The positive outcomes were far-reaching, significantly impacting food security, nutrition, waste reduction, and the widespread adoption of sustainable practices. By aligning with these objectives, the project contributed to the advancement of several Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), and SDG 13 (Climate Action). This holistic approach not only improved well-being but also fostered sustainable urban development, responsible consumption patterns, and meaningful climate action.