Just like you, we want the children in our care to be happy and to view and experience school as a safe space filled with discovery, opportunity and positive challenge. We firmly believe that happy students learn better, engaging in a more meaningful way, and thereby get the most out of their school experience. Which is why ensuring the all-round wellbeing and mental health of our pupils is one of our top priorities.

At GEMS, all students have access to trained professional counsellors who provide a range of support. Every school also has a designated Child Safeguarding Lead, supported centrally by the GEMS-wide Safeguarding Team.

  • MTS recruits therapy dog to reduce stress in students

    Gems Metropole School in Motor City has brought in a classroom dog to provide comfort and support to pupils.
    Children at Gems Metropole School in Motor City were told a Labrador retriever, Lotus, was the newest staff member on the first day after the winter break.
    The playful, fluffy, four-year old dog, comes to the school every Sunday and Thursday when pupils and teachers can cuddle and play with it.
  • Inclusion

    All our schools are 100 per cent inclusive. Always. That means no one is ever turned away, no matter what their unique individual needs.

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  • Great teachers inspire great students. That's why from simple roots in a family of teachers, GEMS Education is an international company with a mission to provide quality education to all.

  • What’s an education if it doesn’t teach fundamental human values? Values that, in the words of GEMS Founder Sunny Varkey, “will guide students through life”, allowing them to live happy, fulfilling and meaningful lives and have a positive impact on society and the world.

  • Going to school is about more than just academic performance; it’s about socialising, collaborating, developing life skills, growing as a person, expanding horizons and having fun. 

  • We believe every child has the potential to achieve extraordinary things given the freedom to explore, express and challenge themselves.

  • Support at every step, from high school to university and the world of work beyond, our mission is to open doors and facilitate success every step of the way.

  • We think it’s essential that what students learn and experience in school fully prepares them for life beyond school, both in terms of careers and the future

Our international education footprint extends to 49 schools across the UAE, Qatar and Egypt, delivering a consistent, dynamic, high-quality education for every child.
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