Abu Dhabi

  • Language(s) of Instruction


  • Principal

    K. George Mathew

  • Age Range

    4 to 18 yrs

  • Fee Range

    AED 10,150 - 20,170

  • Location

    Baniyas West

  • Curriculum

    Indian Curriculum

  • Grade

    KG to Grade 12

GEMS United Indian School began as the well known Our Own English School, which opened in September, 1990. Following a restructure and the building of a new, state-of-the-art campus, we began enrolments in November 2015, for our school, re-named as GEMS United Indian School.

GEMS United Indian School carries on the GEMS Education passion for delivering internationally comparable quality Indian education, built on our belief that the culture of education is to pass on the light of skill and knowledge, helping students expand their physical and intellectual horizons through value-based and value-added educational programmes. Our motto 'Lead Kindly Light’ encapsulates this belief. And today, our restructured GEMS Indian School in Abu Dhabi is regarded as one of the premier educational institutions in the city.

Our school offers a Ministry of Education (MOE), UAE, approved Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) affiliated curriculum. Through this, GEMS United Indian School combines the best educational practices of today with the promises of tomorrow. We offer a premium, value-based education that instils 21st century skills. At this premier GEMS school in Abu Dhabi, we take education beyond the primary stage of reading and writing, by taking it to the level of learning, unlearning, innovating and relearning. It is through this style that our students have proudly attained outstanding achievements in their CBSE examinations.

A GEMS education is for every student.

Enrolment applications are now open at our GEMS Abu Dhabi school for Kindergarten to Secondary level. We have plans for natural growth up to CBSE Senior Secondary level in successive years.

K. George Mathew

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow”

 -John Dewey

GEMS United Indian School brings the best educational practices of today with the promise of tomorrow. We endeavour to instil 21st century skills in our students by emphasizing on our instructional plan that focuses on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration that prepares students for the future. 

We appreciate the fact that today’s learners use technology to multitask, therefore our learning programmes integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum. Our objective is to train young minds to be capable of doing new things and not merely repeating what other generations have done.

We believe that capacity to learn from others is fundamental to human intelligence. Ideas are not transported ‘readymade’ into students’ minds; instead, new ideas emerge through collaboration, reasoned analysis, and interaction with physical and social worlds.

Therefore, learning at UIS is not private and it isn’t silent. Peers and parents contribute constantly to this process. Teachers, students, and parents support this process. Appropriately qualified, highly trained, and passionate professional teachers provide the platform built on learning to know, to do, to live together, and to be!

In the words of Allan Bloom, philosopher and academician: “Education is the movement from darkness to light.” And our motto is “Lead Kindly Light”.

Welcome to GEMS United Indian School’s world of learning!


GEMS United Indian School - Abu Dhabi
  • Baniyas West

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