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  • Students


  • Principal

    Asma Gilani

  • Age Range

    4 to 17 yrs

  • Fee Range

    AED 7,702 - 14,478

  • Location

    Industrial Area 6

  • Curriculum

    Indian Curriculum

  • Grade

    KG to Grade 12

Established in 1982, Our Own English High School, Sharjah, provides high quality education to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Over the years, the School has seen a phenomenal leap in terms of size, infrastructure and student enrolment. 37 years of dedicated effort and a passion for excellence, has transformed the School into being one of the largest in the Global Education Management System (GEMS) fraternity. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India.

Our Own English High School Sharjah (OOS) is a vibrant and pulsating campus; with a charged atmosphere that is conducive to every student realizing their true potential, as it aims not only to provide students with quality education but also to inculcate a feeling of mutual respect and harmony, by fostering the Core Values of GEMS. The School has consistently secured 100% results at both the Grade X and Grade XII CBSE Examinations from the year 2001 onwards and has a consistent record of toppers to date.

At this GEMS Our Own girls’ school, excellence has always meant more than just high levels of academic performance, as experimenting with new ideas, developing new skills, exploring different perspectives, and growing in areas of one's natural talents are continually encouraged.

It is this competitive spirit, coupled with its best practices and quality deliverance, that the Our Own girls’ school and its faculty are committed to preserving and extending the ideals that have defined the institution. Some of these are a healthy teacher-student ratio, high academic and ethical standards, integrity, personal attention to the needs of each child, applying education as a means to social improvement, and being a cradle for civic leadership.

Attention to the personal growth and physical development in the form of sports and extra-curricular activities combined with academic training creates the perfect ground where individuality is honoured, diversities are embraced, and no effort is spared in making its alumni confident and successful citizens of the world.

The faculty at Our Own English High School - Sharjah consists of a team of highly qualified and professional staff who, apart from their academic qualifications, are chosen for dedication to their profession and proven abilities to create a motivational atmosphere that helps students achieve their full, all-round potential.

Excellence is a habit that is embedded in the culture of Our Own English High School-Sharjah. The school has received innumerable accolades both in the academic and extra-curricular fields over the years and every year students win individual awards in the distinguished student category.

Our Own English High School Sharjah - Girls is the recipient of:

The Sharjah Award for Educational Excellence – 26th session School category for the year 2019-2020. 

The Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Distinguished Academic performance in the Outstanding school and administration category for the year 2016-17.

The 'Generation Global Bronze Award' in 2015 - 2016 and

The 'Generation Global Gold Award' 2017 - 2018 for equipping the next generation to embrace an open-minded approach to others through diversity and difference.

The Green Flag Award for four consecutive years from 2014 from ECAT (Emirates Center for Arab Towns) an international NGO that promotes sustainable development through environmental education.

Asma Gilani

Each year I reflect on our achievements and rejoice at all that we have done in the past years. Though much has changed over the years, our promise remains the same. We stand committed to quality education, which ensures high academic attainment at all levels. Teachers put forth their maximum effort and seek ways to support their students. It is a privilege to celebrate the spirit of success as our girls continue to shine by achieving excellent results in the CBSE Examinations.

Achieving Goals

 The school strives to provide a stimulating environment so that each child’s energy is channelized in the right direction. Our students have been appreciated for their literary, artistic and athletic ability exhibited at various inter-school competitions, CBSE Nationals and other MOE events. I thank the incredible training and guidance given by our dedicated staff who not only teach the students the techniques but also instill the value of hard work, honesty, fair play, and team spirit.

In addition, our students have also been awarded the prestigious ‘Sheikh Hamdan Award’ and ‘Sharjah Excellence Award’ for outstanding academic achievements. The global presence of Our Own Girls can be measured by the number of students pursuing tertiary education at prestigious universities across the globe and making a niche for themselves.

Keeping in mind the challenges of the changing world, this year will be a year of setting and reaching attainable goals, working harder and smarter and taking our school and student achievement to the next level of “SUCCESS”. You can look forward to encountering a highly intensive and challenging academic program that will ensure all students become critical thinkers, active problem-solvers, inquisitive readers, diligent researchers and prolific writers. We do all of this to prepare our students for the demands of the real world so they may become productive citizens, become our future leaders, and contribute and/or give back something positive to the community.

We are thankful to the supportive parent community who believe in the ethos of the school. As we pursue our educational journey, we look forward to meaningful interactions with you to provide a solid and unwavering foundation to our children and thereby cultivate positive, confident and unafraid adults.

We are grateful to Sharjah Private Education Authority-Sharjah(SPEA), GEMS Management and colleagues for their understanding and support.

We wish you all a very exciting and enriching academic year.

Ms. Asma Gilani


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  • Library
  • Medical Centre
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  • School Cafeteria
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Our Own English High School - Girls
  • Industrial Area 6

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