British Curriculum Schools in Dubai and the UAE

Taught in over 150 countries across the globe, the National Curriculum for England or the British curriculum as it is popularly known, is one of the preferred educational systems in the UAE.  GEMS Education runs over a dozen of the best British schools in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK, Fujairah and Al Ain, serving thousands of young students keen to make the most of this curriculum and its unique approach. 

The GEMS Advantage

GEMS offers you access to the best British education at the location and budget you prefer, whether you’re looking for affordable British schools in Dubai, or one that’s right in your neighbourhood or emirate of choice. 

You can also make your selection based on KHDA ratings - many of our schools are rated Outstanding or Very Good. Rest assured, whatever you choose, your child enjoys the best facilities and an innovative approach to learning, with the able guidance of our handpicked, highly-trained faculty. 

The British Curriculum Approach

The British curriculum is renowned for academic excellence and is accepted by the best universities around the world. 

This is a broad and balanced system, which covers arts, sciences and humanities. With a wide-angle view and a liberal approach, it’s effective in keeping track of progress and encouraging achievement all the way from primary school to university level. 

Rigorous and well-organised, the National Curriculum for England has been designed to give students, parents and teachers a clear overview of progress at every stage of education.


Creativity & Critical Thinking

No matter where in the world your child is studying, the National Curriculum for England has been developed to promote independent critical thinking and creativity. Your child will study all core subjects, focusing on creative thinking, forward planning and developing those all-important life skills. Ultimately, this is a curriculum designed to help young people meet the challenges of a changing world.

National Curriculum for England schools both in and outside the UK work to encourage debate and discussion. Teachers are trained to develop active, inquisitive learners and to help students voice their own ideas with confidence. With equal emphasis on both independent and group work, this curriculum has one core goal: to help young people flourish academically and personally within a flexible system.

Key Features

  • Established in 1988
  • Popular among international schools worldwide
  • Broad, balanced and student-centred
  • Includes regular national benchmarking
  • Culminates in the iGCSE, AS, A-level and BTEC certification
  • Recognised by universities worldwide 

List of British Curriculum schools in UAE

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